Just for the fun of it FREE GIFT FRIDAY

Just making a selection of all the free gifts I alreddy collected in the past.

Rules about free shopping

1 NEVER pass a free gift if it is sent from a person you know .

2 Always slap a midnight mania board if you pass one when you are shopping anyway.

3 Sit on lucky chairs around the second life globe it is an easy way to collect.

4 Become a member of a group 4 a whyle and change shops groups on a regular time.

5 Join the Lazy Sunday Group for almost free gifts ( no group space needed)

6 Join the Sixty Linden Weekend group ( no group space needed )
  Heavenly Escape

Hair Silka Hair Blonde (Groupgift)

                                                               Hair & Hair
Cristallina dress pink ( DSN free gift )
Shoes classic styletto ( Groupgift )
Bracelets ( gift from friend her shop)
VG Creations
Necklace * One Soul ( free gift)
Eclipse Jewelry


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