Yes another *Les Petit Details* post. I simply could not resist to get more designs out here . The name of the brand is so wel choosen. The details are so very well made in to prefection. The bags are a compliment on every outfit and the shoes are to die for. And do you see my hair? It is the latest creation of Kia Sneerwell owner and designer of  [Me.] I am in Love with [Me.] The colors are absolute amazing !!!!

Skin *REDGRAVE* Tan Skin – Zuri-/*Smoky
Hair [Me.] *Frenchie  # NEW
Dress *LpD* @ Culture Schock  *Texas Minidress Sugar  # NEW
Shoes  *LpD* @ Culture Shock   *Sophisticated Sandals Sugar  # NEW
Bag  *LpD*  *City Life* Bag Blue  # NEW
Necklace [MANDALA]  *AMIDA Blue
Bracelets  [MANDALA] *Takara Blue Stone

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