Happy 1 year anniversary  Taste Of Second Life and cheers !! And for that reason there is a big hunt event from  June 15 – July 15 with great gifts from all your favorite shops. Trough out this month I will post hunt gifts on this blog. Click the TOSL hunt logo on the right side of this blog to get you to the starting point of the Hunt and there is a link to the TOSL Hunt Blog as well to get yourself the hints where to find your free items. Have fun and have a good hunt Photo location for this pictures are from my home. I am a ressident of the Costa Rica Estate and if you are looking for a high quality place to live go check out Costa Rica Welcome Land to see if there is land available.

Hair  .+*HS*+.  NIKA Peach
Bikini Cracked Mirror  Pin-Up Bikini  # TOSL HUNT GIFT
Sunglasses K_gs  @  Accessories Fair 2011  *Blazer 
Bracelets :::LiNe:::  Sema Bracelets Colorfull  # GROUP GIFT
Poses with prop [ILAYA]  I Love my “Surfborad” # TOSL HUNT GIFT

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