Sorry Luna I missed 2 weeks of your challange I did not have my own PC so I went cold turkey on SL and had serious  withdrawal symptoms By visiting your blog I kept my cool
TOSL theme this week is Summer Blockbusters  I  to watch  ಠ_ಠ  movies and 4 sure 1 of my favorites is Se7en with the yummy Brad Pitt. The 7 deadly sins are Wrath ,Greed,Envy,Pride,Gluttony,Sloth,Lust so thats why a choose this lusty outfit made by Macha Boa owner and designer of Je T’aime  Happy Sunday to you all have fun and enjoy

Hair [Me.] Emellie  # NEW
Top & Bra & Gloves Je t’aime Vulcano Latex Violett
Sockings *Sheer* Stockings 29a Very Thorn Black
Tattoo .:CoLL:. Se7en # TOSL EDITION
Collar ~Pepper~ Name Collar Black
Chair with Poses Clutter  Director’s Chair # TOSL EDITION
Location Virtual Decay

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