Just a quick post  Thank you Circe Ishtari  designer of  ♥ Tokyo.Girl ♥ for the very well made pants and shirt both new in store. When I saw it I knew I had to wear it with the blazer jacket made by Izzie Button  of  Izzie’s  also new. And when you visit Izzie’s shop take a look outside it is a beautifull winter wonderland !!!! I definitively will  go back to the place to take pictures for later post to come.

Skin  F I L T H Y __S K I N   Laika  Tan  02  # NEWHair  booN  YUME96  Hairpiece
Hat  [BUKKA]  Marin Cap
Shirt + Pant  TGL   Toya  Maroon  # NEW
Blazer  Izzie’s  Suede Blazer Blue  # NEW
Gloves  Izzie’s Leather Gloves White  # NEW
Shoes  ISON   Heidi Pump Navy
Choker  [ MANDALA]   Milky Way Choker White 
Bag [LeLutka]   Maico Bag/Navy 
Location   COSMO



After a weekend feeling sick I am back on my feet. Going to the coutnry in style with the new skin made by Lara Hurley called Emma  and I  L❥VE   the teeth option that comes with the skin.
The  new blazers made by Anouk Spot for the { mon tissu } line are to  L❥VE  as well.Pictures are made close to the “”D!iva”” hairshop take a look it is so nice with the feeling of Spring in the air ( yes I am early talking about Spring )

Skin  Lara Hurley  Emma  # NEW
Hair  [*MD*] Gumi Gumi Ceam  # L$40
Shirt   *Crazy*  Melody Dress
Pants  ISON  Moto Leather Pants Sand
Jacket  { mon tissu }  Fur Trimmed Coat  Khaki  # NEW
Boots  [BUKKA]  Knit Boots  # NEW
 Gloves  LaGyo  Zarema Gloves Dappled Brown  # GROUPGIFT
Bag  LaGyo  The Desperado Bag  # GROUPGIFT
Necklace  MIEL   Lish Necklace  # L$50 FRIDAY
Location  CALAN DIVA


Just a post without a long story because I am feeling sick. Kind of a flu feeling with a sore throat. To be honnest I am feeling a little sorry for myself eating the home made chicken  soup of my mom. You all take care and eat your vitamins and stay away from me or you are getting sick as well.

Skin   Lara Hurley  Emma Red / Tan  # NEW
Hair  “LoQ Hairs” Sake  Hypnotic Red
Shirt  Mimikri  Clash Tank Top Red  # NEW
Skirt  Mimikri  Clash Lace Skirt Black # NEW
Shoes  MEB   Red-Purple Platform Pumps  # NEW
Scarf  **BAIASTICE**  Big Fall Scarf Red 
Stockings  **BAIASTICE**  Winter Stockings Red
Arm Bag LaGyo  Mra Schoulder Bag Red
Bangels  { Zaara }  Indra Painted Stacked Bangels
Clutch  =DeLa*=  Clutch  Chanel Red
Location PSY CITY


Yesssssssssssss thank God  it is Friday so not much to say then bring on the wine (or something else that contains alcohol ) and lets rumble. Have a great weekend you all shop untill you drop and have fun. OOOhh yes it is paycheck time again so that is the reason I am sooooo happy my avi is not broke anymore and you all know what I am going to do now…. shhhhhhht  its a secret.

Skin  (Carisma Creations)  Evana Skin Pale 2011 Lip1 E2  # NEW
Hair  “”D!va””  Mana   # 15000 GROUP MEMBER GIFT
Shirt  EDS  Rustic  # NEW
Pants  Tres Blah  @  COLLORBOR88  Juju Jeans  White Lace  # L$88
Coat   >>>Poison<<<  ElPoblao Jacket Black Female
Boots  =DeLa*=  Leather Boots Carine Brown
Necklace  WOot  Socks  # NEW
Mouthpiece  WOot  Gingerbred Man  # NEW
Poses  :+:SS:+:  Unisex Model Poses  # NEW
Location  JOPLIN 66


                                         Edgar Allen Poe                          

Skin   – Carisma Creations –  Evana Fair 2011 Lip1 E2  # NEW
Hair  “”D!va””   Mirai (Ruby)  # LUCKY CHAIR
Sweater   Graffitiwear  Mauve Snuggly Sweater  # NEW
Skirt  .:MALT:.  Hanky Hem Skirt Plum
Shoes  NX-Nardcotix  Shana Pump Halloween Special

 ( Sorry not available anymore but other shoes to die 4 )

 Tights  { mon tissu}  Favorite Wool Tights Navy
 Bag  SWEET LEONARD  My Study Bag ❤ Blueberries
Necklace  (NHA!)  Necklace Madallene # OLD HUNT GIFT
Poses   *agapee*   agps_fe182-b


Yes finely I did it !!! I am posting something in mesh in wahh ? yes in mesh The shoes I am wearing are in mesh. Don’t ask me to explain it but it is the latest  thing blowing over SL now and I think in the future taking it by storm. The reason I am  only wearing mesh in this photo  and not when I am going out is that to see the itemes made in  mesh you need a viewer who supports mesh otherwise the  items are looking like  blocks. I can see the mesh goods when I am using a mesh viewer SL Viewer but others who are using a non mesh viewer see the blocks looking like big prims on my body. So this new thing will only will take us by storm if we all got a viewer who is containing this part and when I look around and see how many of us ( including me ) are stuck and addicted to the Phoenix viewer I don’t see it happen fast in the near future. And to be honnest I logged out of the SL viewer and logged back in on my Firestorm as soon as I took the pictures. I know sooner or later it is time to get used to a new viewer but I drag it as long as possible.

Skin  LAQ   Pearl – 05 [Peach] 
Hair   TGL  Kara  Asymetric   # NEW
Shirt  aDIVA Couture  Camille Satin See Trough Blouse White
Skirt **BAIASTICE**  Seila Skirt Black/White
Shoes   *ALICE PROJECT*  Faelin Pumps  # NEW (MESH)
Necklace White  (NHA!)  Nan/Pearl Necklace # Old Hunt Item
Necklace Black  .:A&M:.  My Yummy Necklace Black Pearls
Handbag  The Secret Store  Handbag Evil Pride
Location  -TOXIAN CITY-


The vintage fair is still open and from the late 50’s early 60’s in a post  some days ago, I am doing a post about the late 60’s now. And there is no bigger fashion icon  of that time then the 1st time super model Twiggy. I bought this bag weeks ago @  BAIASTICE  and it stuck in to my mind waiting untill a reason to show it and I found a perfect reason in making a post in homage to Twiggy herself.

Skin   [!Heart*nSoul!]  Eva Fair2 Makeup 5
Make-Up  AXE WEAR  Add on make up tattoo series 4
Dress  *SoliDea FoliEs*  @  VF  Summer of Love/Dress
Legging { mon tissu} Favorite Woot Thights  Fuschia
Boots  :)(: PIXELFASHION  Ultimate Boot Red
Necklace + Earrings + Bracelet  FINESMITH  JOY  # 3000 MEMBERS  GROUPGIFT
Bag  BAIASTICE  Twiggy Bag Goldness
Nails [MANDALA]  Nail Palette Medium