OMG I am late for this weeks rust. I had to wait until my ship of Lindens sailed in today because of all my excessive shopping I spent all my SL budget for the month of June and I was a broke ass avi. This weeks color makes me feel rusty and kind of depressed so I am glad I’m finished. Thanks Laura Streeter ( Miss Carrie ) for directing me to this great song of Joan Baez called Diamonds and Rust.
Wikipedia is telling : Rust is a red-brown-orange color resembling iron oxide. It is a commonly used color in stage lighting, and appears roughly the same color as photographic safelights when used over a standard tungsten light source. The color is number 777 in the Lee Filters swatch book. The first recorded use of rust as a color name in English was in 1692. Have a great week and remember fashion fades but style is eternal ( Yves Saint Laurent ) The rest of the stylecard will be added later SL wont let me make more SLURL’s Grrrrrrr ….

Skin  Izzie’s  Estella Skin Caramel Sunshine Teeth  # V.I.P GROUP GIFT JUNE
Hair  .: vive nine :.  DreamCatcher
Hat  **BAIASTICE**  Spring Mesh Straw Hat Light Copper/Orange
Top  coldLogic   Flyn Sedona
Pants  coldLogic  Capri Brooks Sepia
Shoes  NX-Nardcotix   Mana Era Gator Peep Toe  Nude
Glasses   REDGRAVE  Laurita  # NEW
Necklace  (Yummy) Vintage Camera Necklace
Bangle Right  *YS&YS*   Bone Bangles
Bangle  Left   MIEL   Friendo Bracelet

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