Just in the middle of my blogging peak  SL is acting up big time. My avi is having a struggle to get out of a mysterious orange mist and it is take for ever to rezz. So al my plans to get a lot of things done here went up in ( orange ) smoke. Did my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge duty with a lot of swearing on my part but here we go.
Wikipedia on Jonquil : Narcissus jonquilla, the jonquil, a narcissus with clusters of small fragrant yellow flowers and cylindrical leaves, native to southern Europe and northeastern Africa. I lღve this flower and it brings on more Summer-like feelings. Jonquil is also the name of a band and I choose a song called Infinity wishing the Summer last for infinity as well.
To get my outfit this time I went to market place and digged deep in my inventory for some yellow goodies.That all for now enjoy the rest of your Sunday have fun and shop until you drop.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  Cassiopea  India 07  # NEW
Hair  “”D!va””  Vivienne
Dress  izm  Loose Cami Dress Yellow
Top —- Gawk! —- Yellow Star Tank Top
Shoes   2REAL  F-Wings   # NEW
Stocking  *Sheer*  Stockings 29a Very Torn Black
Hand Tattoo  :::[NEEDFUL THINGS] :: Lucky Clover   # V.I.P. GIFT
Bandaid    Reek   Kailiana Dots
Glasses  MIEL  Genius Peepers
Bag  The Secret Store  Girly Briefcase
Book  *elymode*   El’s  Leather Bound Sketchbook
Location picture 1 & 2  Pixel Mode Town
Location 3th Picture  “”D!va””  Mainstore

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