The Summer has ended and  Luna’s roller coaster of color is turning to  Autumn as well. With this weeks challenge I had a hard struggle and ended @  RONSEM* to find myself  a cargo pants and top to match it.Wikipedia : Feldgrau (field grey) was the color of the field uniform of the German Army from late 1907 until 1945, and of some post-war uniforms of the West German Bundeswehr and the East German NVA armies. Nothing much more to say then enjoy your week and have fun shopping.
Skin  { . essences .}  @  Zodiac  Virgo  # NEW
Face Paint ~Pepper~ Face Paint 7
Hair  /Wasabi Pills/  Zoey Mesh Hair Rouge
Shirt  RONSEM*  Frill  Cami  Gray

Pants  RONSEM*  Mesh Cargo Olive

Shoes  2REAL   F Wings 
Back Pack  ::Mr.Poet::  Leather Backpack
Poses with Chair   !bang  Rustic Chair  # NEW



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