There are some pieces every woman needs in her closet and one of them is a little black dress. You can make endless combintaions and it fits every occasion. Today I am wearing a cute lill dress from Indyra Originals available @  FAIR the latest CHIC monthly event. The event will focus on a theme of time, each designer being inspired by one of the 24 hours in a day. After September the event will open on the 3rd Saturday of each month.Each month they will try to include clothing, poses, mens products, skins, hair, furnishings, jewelry and hopefully one day shoes too, so that there is a broad range of product types.
I posted this pictures on the Flickr Black & White bloggers challenge.
 ( Sorry not all is in tone excuse me for my brown hair )
My weekly quote and motto is :
Keep Calm and go Shopping
Skin  { .essences.}  @  Zodiac   Libra  *NEW*
Hair ::Exile::  Lost in Wonderland
Dress  Indyra Originals  @  FAIR  The Witching Hour *NEW*
Boots   Slink  Tall Leather Thigh Boots Silver
Tights  *GF*  Prints Tights Rose Monochrome  *NEW*
Rings  LaGyo  Shield Rings Silver / Black
Necklace  [ glow ]  @   FAIR  Early Morning Earth
Glasses  [ glow ]TDRB  Fashionista Sunglasses
Bag  (TokiD)  Peace Satchel Greyscale
Poses  flowey   I follow Rivers /  Warm and Wilder
Location  Empyreal Dreams 


Oh how time flys … working on this weeks color in Luna’s challenge knowing after this week only 12 colors to tackle and I am feeling sad already. Because the past view weeks bin kind of turbulent when it comes to work and other distractions Second Life and blogging bin pushed to the back ground. Riding Luna’s roller coaster of coller making me do a photoshoot at least once a week so I stay in toutch with things happening in world. This week I got 1 week time off from work so I hope I can do some catching up on my bloggers to do list. I lღve this weeks color amaranth it is a pinkisch kind of redisch and Wikipedia is telling : it is a  cosmopolitan genus of annual or short-lived perennial plants. Catkin-like cymes of densely packed flowers are borne in summer or autumn. Approximately 60 species are recognized, with inflorescences and foliage ranging from purple and red to green or gold. Although several species are often considered weeds, people around the world value amaranths as leaf vegetables, cereals, and ornamentals.
                          Enjoy your weekend , shop until you drop  and be unique

Skin AKERUKA TDRB  Blanca Skin Medium
Hair =DeLa*=  Mesh Hair Susanna Dark Browns  *NEW*
Dress *BOOM*  Oslo Baggy Sweater Dress Lipstick
Stockings  *GF*  Print Tights  Rose – Red  *NEW*
Boots  MIEL Timber Boots Bright
Ring   je suis  Voyante Ring Plain
Chair – Table – Magazines – Rug  – Coat Rack – Basket Set

                                                      ~SC~ Molly Living Set  *NEW*

TV  Cheeky Pea  Earnst TV
Cat  ZOOBY’S PET STORE  Relaxing Black Cat


Seasons are changing in to Fall and altough I lღve the colors of  fall I hate the rains that comes with it. Running home trying to keep my clothes dry my hair drooping beside my face and in the end looking like the cat dragged me in. For Luna’s hunter green photo shoot I went to Izzie’s she changed the landscape outside her shop in to Autumn colors and it is amazing like always and worth your visit for sure.
This shade of green fits this season perfectly so I got myself  an umbrella to stay in seasons theme all the way.
The gacha event The Arcade is still open and less laggy so take your shot and see how lucky you are getting what you want in 1 hit. I went to the Arcade to get my hands on the vintage camara from *Tyfy* and I prepaired myself for a long session because this piece is labled as rare but …………. woooಠ_ಠooot wooಠ_ಠoot  2 hits and I got it how wicked is that ! After taking and posting this pictures I found out I used the wrong camera I used the normal one and not the vintage rare one. I try to use it later on.
One more full work week to go and then I got 1 week off to relax myself and do some catching up on my blogger to do list. Shop until you drop and enjoy your weekend.

Skin  { . essences .}  @ :::Fairy Closet::: Wynter Ice Queen
Hair analog dog  Bound
Shirt  coldLogic   Nevin Jade
Pants  coldLogic  Simmonds Clover
Shoes  N-core  Coquette  Glitter Edition
Umbrella  ++NODe++  Umbrella v2 NO6
Location  Izzie’s



The day before yesterday I went to The Arcade Gacha efent .The greedy Inkie took over , I was total out of control and I slapped myself silly on all the machines. The end result is an inventory exploding with goodies and a broke ass avi. I will try to show you are my treasures in future days so bare with me like I said there is a lot to show you.
The good thing about me being broke is the fact I got time now to work on cleaning out my inventory and show you everything I purchased already and prepaire myself for the Autumn fashion season.

Skin  [AUX]  @ COLLABOR88  Love Skin Medium Timeless
Hair /Wasabi Pills/  Ichigo
Top  coldLogic   Watts Smoke
Shorts  Ingenue  @  COLLABOR88  Hetty  Aubergine  *L88*
Boots  lassitude & ennui  @  L’accessoires   Phoebe Mesh Lace-Up Boots *NEW*
Socks  *GField*  Button Socks
Sitting Pose DM  Shy Bech Sit
Table  POST  Chisholm Industrial Table
Chair  { ililo}  @  The Arcade Metal Chair Brue  *GACHA ITEM*
Paper Bags : ) BCC  @  The Arcade Paper Bag Lemon & Paper Bag  Vegatables *RARE*
Piggy Bank  Sway’s  @ The Arcade  Piggy Bank Pastel Red  *GACHA ITEM*



Yesterday I looked foreworth to The Arcade Gatcha Event. I held back some Lindens and took a deep breath ready to go hit some boxes and try my luck and  …….. it did not happen……. I tried the whole day to get in !!!! Time after time I looked @ the notification “The region is full try again bla bla bla” The inworld group The Arcade was buzzing with people trading there goodies and me getting more and more frustrated by the minute. I know the event is open the whole month of September and even some days  in October but …. I needed my greedy pixel ass in !!!! Finely I did and I will show you some of my  goodies later on this week. While I waited I took this pictures and sadly the Sunday is gone.
Attention ☞ ☞ Auxiliary is an up and coming project from the collaborated minds of Tyr Rozenblum and Ivy Graves / aka Crushed Clarity. Both stores, currently known as Aura and Illusory, will be merging under one brand. There is an open window to get in the Auxiliary VIP group for free. Go in search to find  one of the lady’s , go in to their profile and sign in before the free window is closed. Doing that you receiving this fabulous jeans for free as well. I am a huge fan of both of there work so I can’t wait till the shop is open.

Skin  -Lara Hurley-  Ariana Red Dark
Hair  Tameless Hair  Tiana  *NEW*
Shirt  *SLAVE* DreSSing  RooM  Sexy Shirt  *NEW*
Pants  Auxiliary  Luna Jeans Smoke  *PRE-GROUP GIFT*
Feet [PM]  Bare Feet Pour Femme
Necklace  (Yummy)  @  COLLABOR88 September  Tiffany Pearls  *L88*



This weekend will be to short to finish my “to do list” I will to busy shopping @ the The Arcade gacha event. Gacha events increase my shopping greede to a maximum level so I think my avi will be a broke ass avi after this weekend. The Arcade Shopping Guide so you know what to look for and there is a Flickr The Arcade as well. Let your friends know about The Arcade so you can trade your goodies with each other when you got yourself double items.
This weeks color on Luna’s 52 Weeks of Color Challange was hard and a real head breaker for me so I am glad I’ve crossed the papaya whip road. Wikipedis is telling : a pale tint of orange. Papaya whip is a representation of the color that would result if mashed papayas were blended with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, or yogurt. Nothing more to say I get my loose change and my shopping bags and go hit some gacha boxes maby I see you there as well.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  @  COLLABOR88  Lilith Europa Timeless 03
Hair  [ LeLutka ]  Blake  # NEW
Eyes  IKON  Utopia Eyes Light Green
Dress coldLogic  Kitt Peach
Shoes NX-Nardcotix   Mana Era Gator Peep Toe Nude
Bracelets & Necklace  *League*  Pearls & Lace Jewellery Set
Poses  **BAIASTICE** Near the Wall
Baroque Bench  Trompe Loeil  @ The Arcade Gacha Event  Mahogany Giraffe
Dog  Sculpty Creations Animals Beagle Box
Briefcase  NYU  @  L’accessoires  Neutral Leather Briefcase Orange
Birdcage  *Baffle!  Draped Birdcage
Vase  POST Haarlem Deco Vase with Calla Lilies
Window *{what next}  Boathouse Cottage Fake Window



Some time ago I put myself on a diet, that means no chocolate , chips and alcohol and lots of exercise Pppfftt  hard work but slowly it is paying of me being able to put on a smaller sice pants. So far so good but sometimes I feel soooooಠ_ಠooooo sorry for myself so today I skipped my regime and got myself a huge chocolate bar and with my avi I went to one of my favorite places in second life and made some pictures there. Finishing this post … looking @  my half eaten chocolat bar and see my tredmill in the corner of the room ………. Shhhtttt
                   I know I know !!…… NOT today …..  I go tomorrow again I promise …….

Skin  F I L T H Y__S K I N   September # FILTHY GROUP GIFT
Freckles :: Exodi ::  Sorry shop does not exist anymore
Eyes  IKON  Keleido Eyes  Night  # SEPTEMBER GROUP GIFT
Hair [LeLutka]  Lively Hair  # NEW
Dress  !Rebel Hope  @  FaMESHed  Heidi Mesh Dress Cornflower
Shoes  N-core  Coquette Spikes Blue
Necklace & Ring LaGyo  @  COLLABOR88 September  Moother’s Pearl
Location Warrumbungles