Happy Sunday sending out some snap shots before my secondlife bedtime. Don’t pay attention to  my feet & ankles they are a little bit off. I got myself new mesh feet from N-core and Gos and both are working with a skin matching devise so it will be easy in pictures to come when I am bare feeted. The reason I am showing the pictures anyway is the great pallet bed of Trompe Loeil. Core Edo is becoming second life bed master and I realy lღve all her beds. And you can get this bed  in the Four Walls hunt that is going on right now.
After almost 3 weeks of issues with my bloggers account I am very glad to say they finely fixed the problem. Still thinking about moving over to WordPress or maybe use both for the next view weeks, if I only had the time to sort out how it works.

Skin { .essences.}  @  TDR FUSION  Wednesday
Hair Tameless  Ariel  *NEW*
Bed Trompe Loeil   Pallet Lounger *NEW*
Shelf with Framed Images  Trompe Loeil   Quote
Table Trompe Loeil  Curio Table
Cats  *SHOP SEU*  1Prim Cat Brown & Orange




Just a quick post nothing much to say … still struggeling with my Bloggers account and I  don’t think they will fixing my problems soon since I reported my problems 2 weeks ago. The fact that they not fixing it is not the major irritation factor but not answering me back and totaly ignoring me  and not even  leting me know they got my rapport and they are going to work on it in the future is realy pissing me off.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  @  COLLABOR88  Renee Trending 03
Hair  >TRUTH<  Devina  *NEW*
Dress {ViSion}  S&F Mesh Dress Opium White & Gold
Legging ISON COLLABOR88  Metallic Snake Leggings Gold
Shoes  2REAL  Glyderz  *NEW*
Necklace  MG  @  FaMESHed  Anukaa Beads and Ethiopian Cross
Bag  MOLiCHiNO   Delirium Clutch Tartan  *OLD FLF ITEM*
Jacket =DeLa*=  Short Jacket Bette
Glasses MG  Positano
Location  The Far Away



Still having troubles with my bloggers account and thinking of moving to WordPress But starting all over againg with making a new lay-out and getting used to other ways how to work is putting me of for now. Maybe I work with a shadow blog for a while to get used to WordPress before I say goodbye to Blogger. Anyone out there with tips about WordPress ?

Skin  Tuli  @  (OLD) TDR FUSION  Helena December 31
Hair  =DeLa*=  Carly *NEW*
Shirt *COCO*  Turtleneck Sweater *GROUP GIFT*
Pants  !Rebel Hope  @  FaMESHed  Charlie Mesh Pants Brown
Shoes  NX_Nardcotix  Mana Era Gator Peep Toe Nude
Necklace  MG  @  FaMESHed  Baroque Teardrop Gold
Glasses  (Elate!)  @   FaMESHed  Olivia Glasses Tortoise
Bag :SEY  Signature 01 C&P Bucket Bag  *GROUP GIFT*
Poses and Scenery   Exposure & The Loft  @ COLLABOR88  Room of Balloons



The good thing about second life is that you can pretend to be something you are not in real life and one of the things I am NOT is a domestic woman. I do the domestic chores because I have to not because I love doing them. Who does ?
C. Edo the talented designer of Trompe Loeil did it again. She released this great kitchen block. For me the kitchen is the least needed piece of furniture in world because the one thing you can’t do is cook and eat but I am showing it because I just lღve the way it is made. You can open and close all drawers and cupboards and it comes in 4 diffrent colors. Lately I am in to decorating my place so that is why I am going to make a blogrole with my favorite Garden & Home shops.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  &  COLLABOR88  Renee Trending
Hair [LeLutka]  Jasmine
Top  (fd)  @  COLLABOR88 Glitter Peplum Black
Legging  ISON @ COLLABOR88  Metallic Snake Leggings Black
Necklace  MG FaMESHed Baroque Teardrop
Shoes .::Pure Poison::.  Ashaki Boots Black *NEW*
Interior Designs
Kitchen Trompe Loeil   Cabinet Hutch with Sink *NEW*
Tricicles  *Little Hopper*  Tricycle
Plants  ~BAZAR~
Motivation Board ~BAZAR~ Arizona Black Board
Stove POST  Marquette Gas Stove
Lamp Zigana  Hanging Oil Lamp Light
Chairs Zigana  Painters Chair Red
Rug Zigana Color Changing Rug
Drapes LISP BAZAAR  Mesh Carmen Drapes *FLF ITEM*
Iron Board  LISP BAZAAR  Dolly Days Ironing Board
Luandry Baske  LISP BAZAAR  Dolly Basket
Basket with Wood  LISP BAZAAR  Anna Wood Basket Dark
Cats  *SHOP SEU*  1 Prim Cats
Water & Halter TARTESSOS ARTS  Fitness Weights and Water
Pizza Box & Beers  Dutchie  *SUBSCRIBER GIFT*



Whats wrong with second life the past view days ? ……… …… …. ……. … ………..

I am so behind on my to do list it is not funny anymore so that is why I desided to give up to keep up. When I  only see a glimp of the end of the list of things to do there it is , popping up , more fabulous designs. The creative spirits of second life are on a role and me trying to follow them all like a crazy madd woman. Not anymore. No pressure on the number of posts I tell me self  to do every week and no more wanting to show everything in the same week it is new in store. That is not working for me.
So it is back to basic. Only making  a post when I feel like it. It also meens I left some bloggers groups so I can give my  time to  the the view groups left. I say thanks to all the designers who give out so generously to the bloggers community and keep your creative juices flowing in times to come.

Skin  Izzie’s  Ginevra  *JANUARY 2013 GROUP GIFT*
Hair  /Wasabi Pills/  Lumi 2
Coat  *COCO*  Biker Jacket Copper
Pants  *COCO*  Ankle Skinny Jeans Black
Sweater [celoe]   Gea Top Alto
Shoes *DECO*  Mesh Classic Sneaks White
Brown Bag *DECO*  Fingersnatcher Bag
Bag with Money  Market Place Sorry lost the link
Creator =  oconda1 shilling
Drilling Gun *DECO*  Rosie The Rivet Gun
Decorations & Scene
Safe   PILOT  @  FaMESHed  Old Safe Table
Books  PILOT  @  FaMESHed  Aviation Book Stack
Rug & Candles & Pillows & Chair & Vase with Tulips & Alarm Clock & Plants



The last view days I am not able to upload pictures from my pc in to my blogposts and I am not the only one. There is some kind of bug between Google and other browsers then Google chrome. One of the solutions it starting to use Google chrome but I don’t like to use it. Why ? My pc is slowing down when I am using it and I have a slow old pc to begin with so … that is not an option. Second solution is uploading my pictures from my pc to Picasa the Google photo web album. What Flickr is for Yahoo Picasa is for Google so it takes some extra steps but I can upload my pictures again to my posts. I hope they will going to fix this problem so I can go back to my “normal” bloggers routine.
I was in search for some new photo locations and found a great adres to get pointers where to go it is Ziki’s Blog. From great sims to art exhibitions you can find it on Ziki’s blog take a look yourself. Shopping destination to go to is for sure TDR FUSION with great items this round. Great skins for bargain prices besides to lovely fashion and fabulous accesseries.

Skin  Tuli  @ TDR FUSION  January 1
Hair *Amacci*  Gloria
Eyes  IKON  Eternal Eyes  Mesa  *JANUARY GROUP GIFT *
Jacket  / erratic /  Vanity Leather Jacket Pecan
Pants GizzA  High Waist Woolen Pants
Shirt  *COCO*  Skinny Tie&Shirt White
Earrings  [ MONS ]  @  TDR FUSION  Lighting Earrings Bronze
Glasses [MAGIC NOOK]  @  TDR FUSION   Golden Life Sunglasses
Poses {.:exposeur:.}  2012 Holiday Advent Pack
Location  ROCHE


There is a new development in my social media adventure. I am officialy a “Plurker”. After Face Book I took my first steps on the road to become a blessed plurker by getting karma points. I am still on shaking grounds there thinking  what to put out there and what not. So for now, I only react on what other people saying and posting. By getting more and more “friends” and interact with everybody and make them interact with me, is giving karma points to them and to me.
So far so good but after 2 years of maintaining a blog and being a second life shopaholic I became some kind of hermit and altough second life is a social platform I became more and more “anti-social” Not because I don’t like people but most of the time when people IM me I am not capable of answering back, me being in high or ultra settings whats freezing up my older pc and makes me crash over and over again. The answer to that problem is a bigger graphic gard but that is not an option buget wise so to drag myself out of my own choosen isolation I am plurking inkie pinkie.
The “bad”side to this new adventure is that the second lifes bloggers and designers community using plurk as there platform to communicate. I stopped counting how many second life fashion and lifestyle blogs there actualy are but you can imagine that all of them are showing there latest work on little thumbnails and giving me hints where to shop and OMG there is my weak spot ….. the shopping to do list is getting longer and longer ……..  I am in possession of 15.15 karma points now and almost a broke ass avi so to  say my  plurking adventure is successful is to early to tell.
And oohh yes if you are reading this and if you are a plurker as well look me up ( inkie pinkie ) and add me so you and me  both  getting a boost in our ☯ karma ☯.
So said al this 2 pictures to show you today style card will be add as soon as I can log in to second life.