Bin busy decorating my sim in to Spring theme. RL cold, windy and rainy weather is depressing me so I started early this year. Between terraforming and decorating I made this pictures so I keep my tempo in cleaning out my inventory. Decorating my place makes me find all kind of lost clothing or stuff is forgot I had…… and I have a lot ( read I have to much ). So I found this ::WetCat:: poses and the look was easy with a RONSOM pants a MIEL top and 2REAL sneakers. Lღve Foxdale   designer of  **SHINE** skins released a flawless group gift  and like the name of the designer I lღve it

Skin  **SHINE**  Slawa  *GROUP GIFT* 
Hair ::Exile:: Satisfaction
Top  MIEL   Punk Racerback UK
Pants  RONSEM*   JJ1 Pants Navy
Shoes  2REAL  Glyderz
Poses ::WetCat::  BreakStuff
Location  Virtual Decay



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