Today a post about My SL Guilty Confessions meme dictated ( dictated in a good way ) by Strawberry Sighn  and I am behind on the meme challenge so here we go.
Being in second life for years now I developed some abnormalities I am going to share with the world now and  remember I am not proud of them they just are the way they are maybe because normality is definitely not the norm in my book.

I am an addicted profile reader
When ever I got the time I read profiles  and I got the time a lot with the need of clearing my chase and fetching my over 10 K inventory over and over again. Not only I read profiles of strangers but I read the profiles of my friends as well. Trough this way I keep myself updated about  what is happening in there life’s. I can do that by IMing and contacting them but for some reason I think everybody is busy and they wont have time for  me being nosy so I read there profiles. Are there new lovers in there life’s and new shopping destinations in there pics I have to visit as well ?

I am a friendship acceptor and deleter in one day
Standing in a sandbox getting my avi back in shape after having problems with  rezzing keeps me getting in contact with a variety of characters who offers me there friendships sometimes with but most of the time without even a conversation. I accept there offer why ? I really don’t want to get myself involved in a conversation and explain myself  I don’t want to  accept because there was no conversation because if I start that dialog you technically can  say there was a conversation to begin with ( am I making sense here ? ) So I accept there friendship offer and as soon as the non talkers are going off line I delete them in a heartbeat making sure I leave my spot in the sandbox so I am not running in to that person after he or she logs back in.

50% ( or more ) of my purchases I never  use or wear.
Hello I am inkie and I am a second life shopaholic. Is there a 12 step program out there to help me ? 
Half of the stuff I buy I never use or wear and if I wear it I only wear it once. Every month I promise myself to restrain myself this round and lay low when it comes to shopping but … I am a basket case and a lost case when it comes to shopping. In the past I used to buy full packs and all colors at least I am not doing that anymore ( most of the time ) so I am doing better …. but still … inkie get a grip !! How many wigs , shoes ,skins and furniture do you really need ?

My inventory is way over 10K ( 125.318 last count )
Number 4 is the result of number 3 for sure. And the fact that I have to clear my chase over and over again and because of that I spent most of my second life in sand boxes getting friendship request by strangers and have to read profiles to kill my time all boils down to my imploding / exploding inventory. I got to delete and get rid of stuff but I can’t !!! I say to myself “maybe I need this top or jacket one day so I put them in a folder so I won’t forget about them and after some time I totally forgot I made that folder to begin with. There comes a time I won’t be able to TP anymore because my suitcases are to heavy and second life airlines wont transport me anymore without paying extra lindens for my extra luggage transportation.

Skin  { .essences. } Opera  Sunkissed 
Hair [e]  Soft 
Dress *BOOM*  Hye Tube Dress Emberglow
Shoes  [ Gos ] Boutique Lolita Espadrilles Nectarine
Hat LaGyo  @  L’accessoires Kirby Headpiece Orange
Rings MiWardrobe  @  L’accessoires The Little Prince  Ring Elephant




Inka Mexicola made a great  new skin color Golden Bronze Wednesday  available @  TDR FUSION for  bargain prices. The amazing thing about Inka is the fact she is renewing herself again and again and every new release is better then the one before.
In 5 day I have my vacation and one of the things I have planned is going to the annual Indian Summer Festival and one of the main acts is the Prodigy and I can’t wait to let myself go and dance dance and dance.

Skin  { .essenses.}  @  TDR FUSION  Wednesday  Golden Bronze  *NEW*
Hair  >TRUTH<  Sadie  *NEW*
Corset  ISON  Geometric Corset Yellow
Pants  Maitreya  Leather Skinny Pants Black
Shoes  [ Gos ]  Boutique Angelina Peeptoe Black Python
Necklace & Bracelets  LaGyo   @  TDR FUSION Tucano  *NEW*
Poses  DM  In Between  *NEW*



Just a quick post between work , feeling kind of sick and secondlife being a total bitch. One more  week of hard labour  and then ta ta ta ta  3.5 weeks vacation !!! Going to see Muse in concert on the 4th of June  so I inserted a kick ass tune you can lissen to.
On the pictures a new cute little flowery dress made by Leri  Miles  of LMD and the latest skin of (FreshFace) called  Daisy. Nothing more to say enjoy the music and your shopping trips.

Skin  (FreshFace)  Daisy Olive  *NEW*
Hair  “LoQ  Hairs”  Sherry 
Dress  LMD  Talia Poppy  *NEW*
Boots  *GF*  long Cuff Boots  Pink
Scarf  (Yummy)   Bow Scarf Pink
Umbrella  (Yummy)  @  COLLABOR88  May 
Ears  [MANDALA]  Steking Ears
Ring  [AUX]   @  COLLABOR88 May   Melt My Heart Pink



Trying to keep my calm I am way behind on the SL DisneyBound Challenge. Showing you week nine Marie from the Aristocats.  You can visit the SL DisneyBound Flickr page to see how creative fashionable second life is showing al your favorite Disney characters.
(FreshFace) came out with a lovely new skin called  Rose
Skin  (FreshFace)  Rose  Natural  *NEW*
Hair   HINAKO  Beryl Ribbon Silver
Shirt  —– !Gawk —–  White Bish T-Shirt
Jacket  Emery  @  FaMESHed  Denim Jacket Hollywood True Blue
Pants  *TuttiFrutti*  Mesh jeans Clouds  *NEW*
Shoes *TuttiFrutti*  Denim Mesh Flats Clouds  *NEW*
Necklace  .Olive.   @  TLC Boutique  Elisa’s Batch Time Bubble Necklace Pink
Bracelets  MG  Boho Bangles Laquered Pink & Silver
Bag  ZOOBY’S PET STORE  “The Z Bag” Ultimate Pet Cat Carrier


Hello I am back after some days of being angry and pissed of about Linden Lab and there new  TOS ( Terms of Service )  that infected my way how I buy my lindens so I can go shopping and pay my tier. Had some days of reflection if I would tag along with this enforced set of rules or call it a day and move on and stop permanently. As you can see I am still blogging so that means I am good for the time being. With great help from friends I put it in some  perspective and most important I found a way how I still can pay my tier and have lindens to go on a shopping trip.
Because I still can pay my tier I can move in my new Trompe Loeil beach house available @ COLLABOR88.
Inka Mexicola made  for the slink hands and feet appliers so you can match the { .essences. } skin  easily and quickly. The feet appliers  are available @  TLC the Boutique. I am not wearing the Slink hands on this pictures but I know a lot of you use the hands and feet I thought I let you know. The hands appliers are available @ the { .essences. } store

Skin  { .essences.}  @  TDR FUSION   Opera Summertime  *NEW*
Hair Tameless Galina  *NEW*
Dress  erratic/   @  FaMESHed  Stacey Panel Dress Cyan *NEW*
Shoes  ARIKSEA  Vanity High Heels Floral Blue 
 Necklace & Bracelets   MG  @   COLLABOR88 Summertime &Isis Solar Magic
Sunglasses  Izzie’s  Oversized Sunglasses

House  Trompe Loeil  @  COLLABOR88  Beach Bungalow Teal & Yellow
Cabinet  Trompe Loeil  @  COLLABOR88  Beachside Cabinet Teal Illustrated
Hanging Baskets  Trompe Loeil  @  COLLABOR88  Hanging Tri-Planters
Plants  Dutchie  Yello Flax & Schefflerea Medium   *NEW*
Garden hose PILOT  @  COLLABOR88 ( Part of Garden Shed )  *NEW*
Garden Tools &Garden Supplies  PILOT *NEW*





 Me being  a huge fan of Cory Edo her work makes me have to move on a regular base. I lived for some months in a rustic tree house made by her and now I moved my pixels to a fabulous beach house available @  COLLABOR88 with furniture to match the house. Going to show you some of the furniture later this month but wanted to show you the house already.
Inka Mexicola creator of the flawless { .essences. } skin line outdid herself by making this Opera Summertime skin available @ TDR FUSION. I gave it something extra by adding some freckles because I think they are part of being a redhead.
Enjoy your week with lots of love and happiness and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  { .essences.}  @  TDR FUSION  Opera Summertime  *NEW*
( With a little extra freckle help )
Hair  [LeLutka]   Adile  *NEW*
Shirt  &  Shorts  NYU   @  FaMESHed   Bold Bow Shirt &  Hot Shorts Green
Shoes   2REAL   Low Freestylerz shoes  *NEW*
Bracelet Right   CHOP ZUEY   Black Rose Rattler
Watch  MIEL  Troupe Watch Bright
Poses  Izzie’s   Window Poses  *NEW*
House  Trompe Loeil  @  COLLABOR88  Beach Bungalow Teal & Yellow *NEW*
Location  **inkie’s Wonderful Springtime**



Every Monday Strawberry Singh is releasing a new meme and ask everybody to join well … this weeks meme was a real brain breaker for sure.

                     The  meme for this week is, write a Haiku about your Second Life.  
A Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five. Leave your  haiku meme on Strawberry Singh her blog

Because I got the Dutch language as my handicap I could not figure out if some words had 1 or 2 syllables so after some sleepless nights I had a raw draft but still not sure if I counted the syllables right. Kaelyn Electo came to my rescue and helped me out Thank you Kae  for saving my sanity.
 Look @ her blog Sweet Sexy and Crazy to see what kind of haiku she made.
Some time ago I bought myself a kimono because I loved the color and texture and I thought this haiku post was a great opportunity to wear it.
 ( going to add the style card later need my sleep now )
So here  it is my second life haiku :

                                                        Inkie Loudwater
                                        Such a  calm and peaceful force
                                                      Mad Shopaholic