Today I try ed to work with reflection in the water for the first time when I shoot this pictures of the giraffes and I am pleased myself with the result on one of them. Gives me hope that sooner or later I will get the hang of all the tricks there are available to make great pictures in second life.
Practice , practice , practice my dear is what my mom told me when I was  a child and I tried to be the best painter of the class. I know now sometimes it is not all about practice it is about  talent as well but when it comes to painting I can make a nice water-colour painting other people told me that so I don’t give  up on the believe  that I will master the craft of taking a killer second life picture without any flaws as long as I am practising hard enough.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  Katya America 04 A
Hair  /Wasabi Pills/  Alice
Dress E!  @  TLC  The Boutique  Safari Dress Jungle
Shoes & Socks  **BAIASTICE**  Athena Pump Brown
Glasses  * S O R G O   @  TLC The Boutique Club Master Shades D/B
Headphone   22769  Sputnic Headphones Plain
Shawl  DRIFT  Neckerchief Olive Paisley
Poses with Camera [Camptivity Co.]  The Photographer
Giraffes  Sculpty Creations    Giraffe Family 09 v1





After a couple of days witch I traveled around second life on a discovery journey it was time to  take care of my living stock and make some changes @ my place as well. You are very welcome to come over to take a look @ my place called **Beautiful 4 Seasons**  even when I am not around TP by any time you like.
Just some quick reminders this Tuesday. This weeks there is a last Zodiac round Maybe because they come to full circle I don’t know exactly why it is the last one but it is. Last constellation is Leo the proud king of the animals so I got myself a cute stuffed animal they are available in a gacha machine @ The Zodiac Leo with all different bright colors.  
   Jon Haskell of Sculpty Creations  is in my book the best animal maker in second life He made this cute goat family and tomorrow I am going to show you some awesome giraffes he made as well. Last but certainly  not least … until the 7th of August you got time to visit COLLABOR88 before the next round will start.
Have fun mixing and matching and be great looking fabulous.

Skin  [ :TULI: ] Sara Petal  *GROUP GIFT*
Hair  [elektira]  Soft
Dress  **BAIASTICE**  @  COLLABOR88 JULY  Ayoun Dress Strawberry
Shoes *GF*  Bow Strap Shoes Kate  Strawberry
Necklace  MG  Khalesie’s Temptation
Glasses  [ glow ] Neonish Glasses Coral
Pose with Lion  +>A&A<+  @  Zodiac Lion  Leo Lionies Red
Goats  Sculpty Creations  New Goats




Since got a new and bigger graphic card I can travel around so much better and even take pictures on different locations. German North Sea Island  looks very familiar to the North Sea beach area in Holland so it felt like coming home when was visiting this place. I did not do the  grand tour I will  keep that in mind for a next visit.
Inka Mexicola  designer of the { .essences. } skin brand completed the  Whisper line with 20 different skin tones. If and when you are a Slink feet and hands addict like me the skin appliers are available in the { .essences. } main store as well.
For the next view weeks I will be posting hair that I purchased @ The Hair Fair. The fair is closed so I am going to trust on the fact that the hair designers will put there hair fair pieces in there main store as well.
For the rest of the week enjoy and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  { .essences.}  Whisper Sunkissed  *NEW*

Skink Hand Appliers available in main store as well
Hair *Amicci*  Daphne

Dress  *chronocit*  Summer Dress01 Flower 3  *NEW*

Bolero *chronocit*  Bolero 01 Brown  *NEW*

Shoes [ Gos] BoutiqueTLC  Lauren d’Orsay Truffle Collection
Bag GizzA  Summer Bag Floral
Earrings  M O D E R N . C O U T U R E  Spring Colours Blanc
Watch **SHINE**  Gummy Watch Coffee Flower *NEW*
Location  The Virtual North Sea Island ( No rez Rights )



From time to time I am suffering from a bloggers block. No inspiration no ideas what so ever. When that happens I change outfits in the hope something pops in to mind. Listening to the real life story of Squinternet Larnia, designer of Dona Flora Jewlery my bloggers block is disappearing in to nothing.
Squinternet  is one of the million woman who suffers from  cancer that started in her breast  and to see the why the second life community is coming in to action watch this link Lღve Dona Flora.  and visit the Love Donna Flora ! event.
The event will begin on July 25th and run through August 11th. It will feature items for sale. Designers will create one item for sale at 100% and then can sell a few additional times that they can split with a 50%, 75% or 100% donation. There will be donation jars available soon that people can put out in their stores or while dj’ing or performing.
Squinternet altough I do not know you I wish you all the strength and all the love for you and the ones  you love in times to come.

Skin  { .essences.}  Whisper Sunheat  *NEW*
Skink Hand Applier available in main store as well
Hair  Rosy Mood  Little Miss Bow / Red Set
Top  The Secret Store  @  Love  Dona Flora!  Peplum Shirt Delicacy  *NEW*
Pants  P I X E L I T E S  INC. Ari Jeans Solid Washed Blue  *NEW*
Shoes [ Gos ] Love Dona Flora !  Lauren d’Orsay  Flora  *NEW*
Glasses  {mon tissu}  Four Corners Readers Blue
Palette & Paintbrush  [HANDverk] Brush & Palette Prop
Easel &  Stool & Jar With Brushes  LISP  Paint me a Picture Set
Mop & Bucket  [DDD]   *GROUP GIFT* 
Shelves  {what next}  Florence Shelves Arty  *NEW*
Candles  [DDD]  Incense & Candles
Beer  {af}  Omega Beer





Good Saturday to you we had some thunder and lightning in Holland and I lost connection with the net for some hours but I am back. TLC is having a safari theme going on and I picked a jungle dress from !Rebel Hope and went to PSY CITY to make some photo’s. As you can see I am traveling like I promise I would do in My SL Bucket List Challenge. Nothing much more to say I got a bloggers to do list as long as my arm so I stop talking ( read typing ) and leave you the pictures.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  [:TULI:]  Claire Pearl  *VALENTINE 2013 GIFT*
Hair Naomie Dirval  Diana
Hands Slink  Mesh Hands Elegant
Dress !Rebel Hope  @  TLC  Sahara Dress Exotic Mix  *NEW*
Shoes  [Gos] Boutique  Angelina Peeptoe Tan
Bag  Just Design  Cassandra Python
Bangle Left  *COCO*  Bangles Natural 02
Bangle Right [celoe]  Didri Bangles
Sunglasses Izzie’s  Oversized Sunglasses
Necklace  MiWardrobe  Black Spirit Necklace
Earrings  M O D E R N . C O U T U R E  Spring Colours Blanc
Pose *EverGlow*  Girls 603
Location PSY CITY  ( With rez Rights )



It is Monday and it is way to hot to go to sleep and in the middle of the night I am thinking what I really wanna do in second life beside making pictures and blog about fashion and furniture. It is Monday so it is Meme time by Strawberry Singh. In real life riding a horse is on my bucket list like I told you some post ago but Berry is asking what you really wanna do in second life.

Meme instructions by Miss Berry herself : Share at least 5 items on your Second Life Bucket List and try and complete one of the items on the list this week. Don’t forget to leave a link to your list on Strawberry her blog.

1.  I need to  see more places then my own back yard and discover how the rest of the second life community is doing. Since a  month I have a bigger graphic card so there is got no excuse what so ever not to explore and travel around more. So as you can see I went to 2 different places to take my pictures for this post and I got the traveling bug so will be showing you more places and spaces in posts to come.

2.  Learn how to make original mesh and know how to texture it myself. Would save me from being a broke ass avi all the time because I spent way to much over my second life budget. The only thing I can make is a gesture and not even a gesture with sound so to say I master the craft of gesture making is  not even the case.

3.  Make my own poses so I don’t have to work around the flaws with poses who don’t seem to fit exactly and go right with my shape or with the mesh clothes I am wearing.

4. Enter a non sexual role play game with no violence. Or is that a wish on the list that is never going to happen because it is not existing in second life ? Let me know if you know something. I like to play dress up and I can emote very well if I say so myself.

5. Make second life pictures where I master the craft of making them with shadows. Like I said a bigger graphic card helps but getting the shadows right is a total different ball game and takes a lot of practice so give me some time and I will be the shadow master of second life. Tell me Miss Berry how  did you make your  shadows  so perfectly on the picture with the ball on the floor ?

6. Take pictures with other avi’s I am quite a loner and I need to invite friends to take pictures with  me. And  again now that I have a improved pc it is possible to take pictures without crashing so I wont keep up there time for to long.( I always think I keep them from there busy schedule  )

7.  And this last wish  is not my own thinking but it is so funny  thanks Berry for sharing this with us Do the Poppin’s Challenge for my Rezday! – For more info about the Poppins Challenge, check the wiki page and also join the flickr group. My rezday is in December and I am so going to do this.

PS . Style card will follow now I put my fan on high speed and try to get some sleep

Skin  [ :T: ] Eva Petal 
Slink Hands Skin Applier [ :T: ]  Henna  *GROUP GIFT*
Hair  /Wasabi Pills/   Haley
Top  {Zaara}  Sanya Draped Top Mocha
Pants  Overhigh. TDR FUSION  Suede Pants Mustard
Shoes  [ Gos ] Boutique TLC  Lauren d’Orsay  Truffle Collection
Necklace  [MANDALA]  Osenbei Gold
Headband [ MONS ] Mesh Coin Headband Silver
Bag  =Zenith=  Choco Marcie Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

1st Picture  Taiga  ( With rez Rights )
2cond & 3th Picture  WarBug  ( With rez rights )




Because the RL garden was to hot I went inside and put  the fan on high speed  and went exploring in second life. I paid a visit to the  Home of Bob & Neko who opened there house for public  and I walked around in complete oohh and aahh  the entire time I was making my pictures there. Amazing details , great places and spots to take pictures and a place to get inspired if you are in to decorating yourself. The place is not open for public all the time you got a window of opportunity for 10 days left so take your taxi and be amazed like I still am.
Leri Miles designer of LMD  came out with amazing blouses in tons of fabulous colors witch scream Summer but there is a Autumn color pack as well.
I am on a blog role, done 5 blog posts the past  week and I hope I can keep up the pace to reduce my bloggers to do list fast.
Have fun enjoy the sun and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  Lulu 02  ( Old Arcade )
Hair  “LoQ Hair”  @  TDR FUSION  Cognac
Top  LMD  Gabrielle Blouse Coral  *NEW*
Skirt  DRIFT  Summer Skirt Tangerine/Sky
Shoes  [ Gos ]  Boutique  Lolita Espadrilles Nectarine
Hat  **BAIASTICE**  Estella Hat Aqua/Orange
Necklace  * KUNGLERS * 002 Necklace
Earrings [ glow ] Egypt Earrings Gold