Today playing catch up as fast as I can and  making a ( much to ) late birthday post for  Berry. I think I am just on time before the next meme will be coming out like every Monday.  This week ( well technical it was last week already )  it is called  “it’s my birthday meme” because 22 September is the birthday of Strawberry Singh. I made some pixel strawberry cakes and it made my ass grow bigger as well. Only for you Miss Berry I put on a phat azz and pose in front of a camera and post it on an open source on the world wide web. ( Style card will be add on a later time I promise )

  1. When is your birthday? – August 23
  2. Pick one person who shares your birthday and share what you know about them.River Phoenix. Creat actor and it made a huge inpact on me when he died on a very tragic way in front of a club called The Viper Room in LA. His brother Joaquin  played in Johnny  Cash in the movie Walk the Line witch is a great movie btw.
  3. List one notable event that took place on your birthday. – A lot of things happend but I needed to look long and hard to find something epic and because I loved the movie Braveheart  with Mell Gibson I choose this : 1305Sir William Wallace is executed for high treason at Smithfield in London.
  4. Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday. – For me living in Holland slave trading is a heavy loaded subject because in the Dutch history slavery is how  we made our nation fortune but it  is a black mark on the nation conscience as well. On 23 of August it is Unesco’s Slavery Remembrance Day.




Today a purple dress and an apologize.  I am slacking and need to step up my blogging game. The to do list is loooooooooooong and I was stuck in cleaning my inventory after reading this Zee blog post and by clicking trough there watching this  tutorial from Harlow Heslop about organizing your inventory and how to keep it nice and clean. I already had a pretty organised closed but one of the tips was to delete all the unpacking scripts and note cards in clothing packages. And to get rid of the sizes you never wear. By doing that I came in to the dark back rooms of my inventory finding stuff I forgot about and  labeling it again as an  “I must blog this” item. The good side is my inventory numbers dropped to 80.060 and I am not done with deleting.
I also did some traveling  in other virtual worlds to see how big pixel fashion is over the borders of the sl grid. This week I am going to write a post about that and I Inkie Pinkie promise myself doing that and not only saying it. Poke me if I don’t  match my action with my mouth. I need to be slapped sometimes to keep  moving foreword.
{ .essences. } opened a new shop and it looks so cute and so girly if it was possible I would rez my bed there. And although I am not a phat azz girl I am letting you know the appliers for the ass are available in the shop as well. There are some other designer things happening with the { .essences. } brand but I will get back @ that on a later date as well.
For now have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  { .essences.}  CHO Peche
Lipstick { .essences.} Amaterasu lipstick 02
Hair  ISON  Ruby
Dress V e s p e r t i n e  @  TLC Boutique  Anna Dress Grape
Shoes  [ Gos ]  @  TLC Bouttique  Paris Peeptoe Emerald & Plum
Earrings O.M.E.N TLC Boutique Parfum Earring Purple
Glasses Izzie’s  Oversized Sunglasses
Necklace & Rings  MG  @  COLLABOR88  Dew Entrusted Teardrop
Location  The Basilique



This post is a my entrance in the fourth chapter of  The Writer’s Block. This round toppics I wish I could do them all ( maybe I will for my own plessure )
                                             Topics for this round are :

1. Heartbroken
2. Happy in my own skin * 
3. Gender-bending and Second Life
4. You, Me, and a bottle of …
I change skin almost every day …. for me being a second life blog and shopaholic putting on a different skin is like changing clothes. To be honest I even don’t have “my own skin” in here. In the Chinese Zodiac I am a snake and that is what a snake does , changing skin once in a while. Why does the snake do  that ? Searching on the world wide web I found this :  Basically, a snake will shed its skin to allow for continued growth
So for me  to stay true to myself and to grow I need to change skin !!
Next to skin comes shape and I declare here that I am happy in my own ( second life giving )  shape. Tango and Lola boobs sorry not for me And now the latest hype in second life the Phat azz. What the heck is happening ? In real life I walk every treadmill and running myself silly to loos the fat ass and now I need to get myself  a mesh one ?
I spent a gazillion lindens on clothes and attaching boobs and ass makes my whole inventory wordless. So a mesh ass ? I don’t hink so !
But me being a skin changer that allows me to grow I maybe grow boobs that make me tip over and perhaps I grow myself a phat azz that prevents me from sitting down. So when you see me around getting more ass and more  boobs poke me and save me from myself maybe I stop changing skin then.
Skin -Glam Affair-  @  TLC Boutique  Neva  *NEW*
Hair  (red)Mint  Hair No.14 
Poses  with  Snake  Diesel Works Serpent



Normally when I go shopping I just TP and run in to the shop and try to see the item I want to buy as fast as possible and get out again. When the brand has a market place shop as well I do my shopping there to save myself the time for things waiting to rez. Now -Glam Affair- &  Tableau Vivant opened a new shopping area so this time I was patience enough to see it and took today’s pictures there at the same time. The skin is a Glam Affair skin and only available @ The Arcade that is still open for a couple of days so you got to hurry if you want to slap the gacha machines one more time.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  @  The Arcade Candy America 04 A
Hair  >.:^^:.Xplosion..:^^:.<  Jules Hair
Dress Mimikri  No Future Tartan Dress Red *NEW*
Shrug  Mimikri  No Future Red *NEW*
Boots  **DECO**  Snowboots Cherry
Stockings / erratic / Ripped Stockings Black



Pffftt my avi is back on the second life ground again. I was stuck for almost 1 day with my head just above ground level. I don’t know what was wrong but it pissed me of big time. I followed all the steps necessary like clearing the chase and I even did a clean installation. I was on hoover 50 in the appearance  menu   and sliding it to 100 was not helping . But this morning when I logged on there I was with my feet back on sl soil.
Today I am showing you the new (FreshFace) skin called Jasmine  and the good news is that this brand has Slink hands and feet appliers as well and for me being a slink hand and feet addict a must have for sure.

Skin  (FreshFace)  Jasmine  *NEW*
Hair  Tameless  Pippa  *NEW*
Vest  Soothe  @  The Chapter Four  Dowm feather Vest Camo/Yellow
Pants  GizzA  Leather Cargo Olive  *NEW*
Boots  GizzA   Combat Boots Olive  *NEW*
Gloves Shi The Arcade Fingerless Gloves SET 3
Scarf  ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Wide Scarf  *SHOP GIFT*
Bag  *BOOM*  @  COLLABOR88 Studio Tote Yellow
Pose 1st Picture ::WetCat:: Come The Rain Set



Another mixing and matching post as the result of me shopping like a mad woman. I show you a Fifty Linden Friday  item from MIEL a cute little dress with color changing hud. If you hurry you will be able to get your hands on it on time. The jacket is a limited edition available @ =MODA=  and it comes with a color changing hud as well like most of Ḝɸɳ her designs have. The convenient part is you can mix and match without cluttering your inventory.
I leave you the landmarks  and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin -Belleza-  @  The Arcade Leila 14
Hair .:EMO-tions:.  @  LIMITED BAZAR  Gaia 
Jacket =MODA=  Karlie Cropped Leather Jacket *LIMITED EDITION*
Shoes  =MODA=  Statement Wedge Sneakers
Stockings  / erratic / Ripped Stockings Black
Fox Tail [AUX]  @  COLLABOR88 A little Foxy Tail
Bag  DECO  Betty Satchel Licorice  *OLD FLF*
Location  Virtual Decay *With Rez Rights



Because I am a broke ass avi there is time to have a fall  cleaning ,  turn my inventory up side down and do some mixing and matching and show you the end result. Today a  fabulous skirt from DRIFT available @  TDR FUSION with great bargain prices for amazing designs. Nothing more to say then have fun while you shop until your drop.

Skin   -Belleza-   @  COLLABOR88   Leila Sk 3
Hair  “”D!va””   @  COLLABOR88  Kalli2
Top  Tres Blah Sequined Top Pewter
Skirt  DRIFT  @  TDR FUSION  Poofy Skirt Champagne Sequin
Shoes  [ Gos ]  Boutique  Lauren d’Orsay