№ 752 LAST 2013 POST

Today the last day of 2013 time to look back a little,  time to stand still before to move on to the next year. Because of the  flue I am not going to any New Years party it is  just me staying home with my mom and dad sipping of my moms home made chicken soup. Feeling sorry for  myself ? .. No I am  feeling lucky my life is back on the right track after years of drug abuse and  running from party to party now I am with my both feet back on planet Earth instead of being high all the time. I work ( to ) hard but I  love my job so all smooth sailing in real life.
This Month 5 Years ago when I start playing second life it was a crutch to lean on like drugs was for years. Shht, I got an addictive personality so shoot me ☺
  SL was a save heaven where I felt “free” from any kind of orders but in the meantime I was not truly free because I spent every minute of my time in world instead of having contact with my real life friends and family as well. In time that balanced itself out and now I can honestly say that I am not addicted to any ting  anymore and I consider myself a true free soul. Second Life is my way to release myself and to be creative on almost a daily base and have contact with some view friends I gathered in this pixel crazy world.
Those friends  I take with me to 2014 along with my real life friends.

This is blog post № 752  and  I totally forgot to mark  № 750 as a jubilee so that is why I decided to number my posts from now on so I can have a countdown moment to 1000 posts . I love my new elf ears from [Mandala]  not sure they  will suit my style on a daily base but they are  great, a mesh job well done with tons of options in a HUD.
 Enjoy your time with family and friends let the champagne pop  and have a wonderful 2014 with lots of love , smiles and kisses.
Ooooh  yes have fun while you shop until you drop and be ready to dress to impress all the time.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  Kaelyn America 12F  *NEW*
Hair .:EMO-tions:.  Shelly 
Coat  The Secret Store  @  COLLBAOR88  Sarah Dress Coat Carmine 
Tights  *GF*  Print Tights Rose Monochrome
Hands Slink AvEnhance Female Elegant 1
Ears [MANDALA]  Fantasy Elf Ears *NEW*
Scarf  [LF]  Winter Wolf Scarf Nuit


This Sunday’s post is about being lucky and about being not so lucky sometimes. First the not so lucky part…. The past days second life have been a complete and total douchebag. I crashed like a gazillion times and could not stay longer in world then like 5 minutes and then I froze up. This happened in the midst of me redecorating my place. I also bought a great dress and cardigan @ Maitreya and sl eat the damn thing and  I am not getting it back so when I was making the style card of this post it was untraceable so I don’t know the name and  I did not want to take the risk to crash in another TP to look it up in the store. Taking this pictures took me 1 whole day but I had to make them for the main reason I am in love with this skin. That brings me on the lucky side of this story.
Kaelyn Alecto blogger of Sweet Sexy & Crazy  is one lucky girl ! Aida Ewing the talented skin designer of –Glam Affair made a fabulous new skin and she named it after Kaelyn. That must be the reason there are freckles in the skin pack as well. Use Sweet Sexy & Crazy link to see the whole skin line displayed.  If and when you are a skin designer reading this post and you have a new skin out and you are in search of a name for it ???  I personally think that Inkie has a nice ring to it for a skin. Same if you are a hair designer and you run out of names INKIE !! sounds great. I rest my case I don’t want to sound like I am desperate lol
I told you I did some redecorating of my place and I am very pleased with the result. I removed all the Christmas decorations and I turned the house 45 degrees. Since I turned ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  *** in to a Winter land I had a lot of visitors and got some nice messages from some of them that they enjoyed the place and used it for there photo shoots for there blogs. SL: Lori Novo  , Little Miss Fashion Cupcake & Belas Curvas  thank you for your visits and your beautiful pictures. Everybody is still welcome to come and  take a look I wont bother you if  and when I am home and I wont be in your face while you are taking pictures.
For the rest  I wish your great  last days of 2013 and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  Kaelyn  Jamaica 08 F *NEW*
Hair  ~Tableau Vivant~ @  COLLABOR88  Noel 
Dress & Cardigan  Maitreya   Don’t know the name *NEW*
Boots  Maitreya  Stagioni XTD Leather Bronze  *NEW*
Socks  Maitreya  Dahlia Socks  *NEW*
Necklace  MG  Clockwork Steampunk Heart  Gold
Tray  Dutchie  Tray With Black Coffee  *NEW*
Baskets  & Drying Rack  Dutchie  
Greenhouse  Culprit  Old Greenhouse Rusty


This round of  The Arcade is running trough its end on the 31st of December. One of my  favorite items are the Christmas hats from RO. Al the hats are a real peace of mesh art and I love every one of them. Take a trip to The Arcade good news is that all the items are transfer items so no better place to do some Holiday shopping for your friends.
Ho ho Ho happy times and have fun while you shop until you drop

Skin  (FreshFace) Doll   Evie Snow *NEW*
Hair  Exile  Erase and Rewind 
Hat  RO  @  The Arcade  Festivat Silent Night
Top  House Of Fox  @  COLLABOR88  Wool Turtle Neck Purple
Skirt  (CM)  Studded Skirt Black 
Boots  lassitude & ennui  Wanderlust Boots Purple
Tights ** [ RIDDLE ] **  Agryle Stockings Purple #3


In the midst of the week 2 days of from work. Ho ho ho it is Christmas time. For me not a big deal I am not a religious person at all and the “it is Christmas so all have to be good and fun” spirit that goo’s around is not my cup of tea really. I need to rephrase that it is not really  my cup of eggnog. Good side it that my mom loves to cook and she is good at it so I have yummy food for next days and all the time in the world to play catch up on my bloggers to do list.
You still got time to visit my place  ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***  in all its Christmas glories I will remove the bells and mistletoe the day after tomorrow. Trompe Loeil came out with a beautiful house I want to put on my property but I am primless at this moment so getting rid of Christmas themed stuff gives me just enough available prims to rezz the house.
For those of you  who believe this Holiday season have deeper meaning enjoy your time wishing you love, peace and happiness for now and for all the years to come. Oooooh yes before I forget  have fun while you Christmas shop until you drop.

Skin -Belleza-  Leila  
Hair  >TRUTH<  Althea  
Jacket  * .:: deeR ::. *  Biker Jacket Red
Shorts ___ D I R A M ___ Brigitte Body Short Black
Boots (red)Mint (ePunk) Boots NO.7 
Tights Izzie’s Tights Torn
Sunglasses REDGRAVE   Laurita V1.1 


OMG see how adorable I look !!  The new (FreshFace) Doll skin called  Evie  is so cute! Normally I  use my own  shape but this time I used the shape that comes with this skin and I love it !! The skin comes in 4 different skin tones with hands, feet , Tango , Lush and phat azz appliers are available as well.
This is how inkie would look like in her younger years when she still was sweet and innocent. She got cute little dimples in her cheek and when I was a child I wanted  them so bad I pressed my  index  fingers in my cheeks for hours watching television hoping in vain the dimples suddenly appear.
 If and when you want to style a child avi go take a look @ this skin shop,  transform yourself and go back to times when life was only good and inocent. Enjoy your  search for your inner child and have fun while you shop until your drop.

Skin  (FreshFace)  Doll  Evie  Natural *NEW*
Hair booN  Hairpiece Yume96
Hat & Mittens  8f8  @  The Arcade Pig Mittens & Pig Hats
Antlers  +Half-Deer+   Snowy Antlers *OLD FLF* 
Top  !Rebel Hope  Penny Oversized Sweater Pink
Skirt DeeTaleZ   High Waisted Folded Skirt “Black Glitter”
Boots (red)Mint (ePunk) Boots No. 02 
HUD with 12 Different Sock Colors 
Stockings ** [ RIDDLE ] **  Agryle Stockings Purple #2 2
Backpack Birdy  @ The Arcade   Deer Backpack  {Pack 2} 
Snow on Nose Izzie’s  Snowball Hit
Scarf  DRIFT  Chunky Scarf Female Stripe Knit 
HUD with 3 Different Colors


Today a post that will make you happy because you can get a lot of things for free or you can get them for bargain prices and for me being a broke ass avi right now it could not be at a better time. For some gifts you need to me a VIP member of some groups sometimes they ask a joining fee but that will be lindens well spent.
Enjoy your Sunday and have fun while you shop until you drop

Skin  { .essences.}  @  TDR FUSION Lorde03 Lumiere  *NEW*
Hat [sYs]  Majestic Chapka Red Star Fur  *GROUP GIFT*
Hair /Wassabi Pills/  Alice 
Dress **BAIASTICE**  Molly Dress 3 Colors *CHRISTMAS 2013 GIFT*
Boots N-core Winter Boots Christmas *GROUP GIFT* 
Scarf  (Yummy)   @  COLLABOR88  Chunky Scarf Buttercream
Tights ** [ Riddle ] **  I Heart you Tights
Dog  +Half-Deer+  @  TLC Home & Garden Sleepy I.G. Fawn


My favorite decorater and creator of the most beautiful places in second life is Neva Crystall. Not only that she is one of my favorite bloggers as well. Her blog How Neva Sees It,  is on my readers tot do list almost every day. Neva Sky Villi is a shopping area and a great place to have a time of rest and a wonderful place to take pictures. The place is pimped up to a wonderful Winter wonderland with an ice skate ring as well. Take a trip there and enoy the look and feel of this great sim and enjoy the Holiday spirit.

Skin -Belleza-  @  The Arcade Tara Arcade 6 
Hair =DeLa*=  Babe  ( the Bottom ) 
Hat  MiWardrobe  @  FROST  Russian Hat 1*1
Jacket GizzA  Voyage Dandy Camel Jacket  *NEW*
Skirt  L&B   “Pencil Skirt” 
HUD With 20 Colors 
Boots L&B  “Bianca” Ankle Boots Smooth Neutrals 2
HUD With 20 Colors for the Boots &  18 for the Straps
Bag LMD  Tanlie Handbag Golden Brocade  *ADVENT 18*
Scarf  REDGRAVE  Floral Pali Scarf 
Necklace  MG  @  COLLABOR88   Book Of Angles
Location  Neva Sky Villi