Butterfly watching
Lady’s & Gentleman , Boys & Girls of Second Life Spring is in the Second Life air. I got  rid of the snow and redecorated my place with daffodils and other Spring flowers. In real life the weather still sucks it is cold and it rains so my little piece of sl ground is my rescue to tie me over to Spring in real life. The Eleventh Hour made a great hide away place to do some pixel bird watching and to have a quiet moment away from work related stress. You are welcome anytime to visit and put your feet up for a while.
Love Foxdale of **SHINE** made a new skin line called Monique and I love the shining kissable lips and the fact is has a freckle option is an extra bonus. The trench coat from / erratic /  is fabulous and comes in different colors and is material ready witch I still can not show you because of male function of the Firestorm viewer on my computer.
Another gacha event is open called Fantasy Gacha Fair and if you are in to the magic , mistical and fairytale side of second life a must see for sure.
First picture in this post is made by cedrielle cicerone my butterfly friend. Thank you I love it !!
Enjoy the second life Spring air and have fun while you shop until you drop

Skin  **SHINE**  Monique Natural Pale  *NEW*
Hair .:EMO-tions:.  @  My Attic  Violet
Coat  / erratic /  Chloe Trenchcoat  Brick  *NEW*
Boots  Yasum  @  Fantasy Gacha Fair Combat Trash  Common Choc
Leggings  Legal Insanity  Margot Nylon Leggings Flowers Red *NEW*


                                                 Time for Spring

Hello I am back after almost a week of absence. I have been busy  redecorating my place, removed all Winter items, sleighs , snow and hot chocolate stands. Spring is in the Second Life air so the past days I have bin counting prims and still I have work to do. My house is still empty I have to think hard to get a Spring feeling in my house as well. Work in progress but you are welcome to come over to take a look yourself.
                          ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***
Before I deleted everything to start from scratch I made this pictures posing next to the ice skating shack from The 11th Hour. Wearing colorful clothes my head is in Spring mood for weeks already. I go back to work to get the furniture in place and leave you with the pictures.
Enjoy the pre-Spring and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin -Belleza-  Delaney  *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY EDITION*
Hair  MINA Hair  @  My Attic  Nikky *MATERIAL READY*
Coat *Shai*  Holmes Peacoat Pink
Leggings Legal Insanity  Margot Nylon Leggings Stripes Orange *NEW*
Available in tons of textures  & colors , Phat Azz and layers
Boots *DL*  Heavy Grunge Boots Floral 
Scarf *chronokit* Scarf01 Plain Orange
Glasses  HOC  Rectangle Framed Glasses



This week feels like the longest work week ever. It is just midst week, still 2 days of hard labour to go. I can not wait til it is Friday and leave this week behind me. I will not bore you why this week is harder then others, next week will be better trust me. When I was a kid  blowing bubbles felt like magic , to make myself feel better I blow ed some pixel bubbles and made some pictures.
 Lately I am definitely in to red hair I just love this color on this “LoQ Hair” available @ TDR FUSION. Looking back on my second life hair color I slowly grew in tot a red head / blond wigged pixel Barbie. I started by only wearing  dark hair but you see the textures of the hair way better on red and blond hair. To do the hair designers justice I turned in to a red head and I am proud of it. When it comes to being blond  the world wide web is debating if “Blonds have more fun “ or is it just a meaningless quote. I leave you  some links so you can form your own opinion.
Blow some bubbles, feel the magic  and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  Izzie’s Lucie Pumkin Pie *OLD TDR FUSION*
Hair “LoQ Hair” @  TDR FUSION Barcardi Fiery Red
Jacket  *LpD*  @  The Chapter Four Cecilia Jacket Smoke
Skirt =MODA=  Patricia Belted Pencil Skirt 
*HUD 19 Colors Skirt & 5 Colors Belt* 
Shoes  [Gos] Boutique Lauren d’Orsay Silver Satin
Necklace (Yummy)  @  COLLABOR88  Satin Bow &  Pearls 
Glasses {mon tissu} Four Corners Readers Black
Hand Tattoos  Izzie’s  *VIP GROUP GIFT JANUARY* 
Slink Hands add on 
Hand Slink  AvEnhance Hands Elegant1
Pipe ::BB::  Bubble Pipe


Hello I am inkie and I am a Dutch girl who likes to enjoy the benefits of being a resident in Holland. One of them is smoking my weed, not on a daily base , spending my time in a mist of smoke 24/7 is not the smart thing to do when it comes to keeping and performing well in demanding job. But  most of the time when it is weekend , my first trip is to the coffee shop. In Holland the ” coffee shop “ is the place where you can buy weed  smoking my joint is legalized here in Holland. Because it is not Friday ( jet ) I took my second life purple haze and enjoyed my pixel smoke in my second life garden. Is it Friday already ?
Have a great week and have fun while you shop until your drop.

Skin -Belleza- Felicity  *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY*
Hair Tameless  Ginny  *NEW*
Top E!  Grace Turtle Neck *VIP GIFT JANUARY*
Skirt *BOOM*  Tweed Mini Skirt Smoke *FIFTY L FRIDAY*
Boots  **BAIASTICE**  @ TLC   Avani High Boots Leather Wine *NEW*
Muffs  Izzie’s Mesh Earmuffs Purple
Tights Izzie’s  Hearts Tights Black Less Sheer


It is official now I am so done with Winter. In real life it did not even started, the Winter here in Holland this year is like a looooong Fall season with rain , rains and yes more rain with blowing winds. No snow and no ice skating no Elfstedentocht so it sucks , I want Spring !!
 In Second Life I am done with it as well. I want a new decorating challenge  so I am traveling around now to get inspiration what to do next at my place. I am thinking to get  more levels so I can practice my terra forming skills. If you have any ideas let me know I am open for suggestions.
If you want to see my place in full Winter beauty there is time until next weekend then I start to strip the place down to nothing and start from scratch ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***

More and more  designers making material ready items like Mina Nakamura of MINA Hair and  Leezu Baxter of [LeeZu!] For the time being I can not show you that. The Firestorm beta version that enables materials makes me crash all the time and I am a noob when it comes to taking pictures with the regular second life viewer so you have to trust me on my word that the hair and the boots in this picture are materials ready.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin -Glam Affair-  @ COLLABOR88 Mokatana Jamaica 06 C 
*HUD with 7 Hair Colors & 10 Band Colors With Flowers Option* 
Eyes  IKON  @  FaMESHed  Promise Eyes Green
Lashes  Tameless Lashes New 33
Dress DRIFT  @  TDR FUSION  Sexy Little Dress Oriental Set 
*HUD With 3 Textures* 
Vest Mimikri Babe Shrug Fiord
Boots  [LeeZu!]  Candy Pop Boots Gras  
Headphone * ISPACHI *  Attero Headphones
Necklace & Earrings Yummy & MG  @  COLLABOR88 
Knees Bandage -SU!-  Bloddy Knees 05
Hands Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Elegant
Nails on Slink Hands Ma Vie  Les Vernis Diagonal French
Bag *LpD* The Chic Snake Bag Acid Green
Pose +agapee+  Bag Shoulder(R)-F03


As you can see I am on a blog role here. 2 Posts in one day and I am not  even done for this weekend. Cleaning house in the beginning of the year, deleting and trowing away stuff that clutters my inventory. Goal on my inventory number is 50.000 and I am on 72.992 going to keep you posted here if and when I dropped down under the 50.000 mark. Looking critical to my second life ” friend ” list and removing the names who don’t ring a bell to begin with. Next task:  to remove the names of people who I did not talked to in ages because our Seond Life went different directions some of them went total negative and bitchie on others so I don’t need them anyways.
As you can see I am cleaning up my Second Life act to clear my head.
Enjoy your weekend stay clear have fun while you shop until you drop

Skin  -Glam Affair-  @  The Seasons Story  Megenta  Asia 04
Lips -Belleza- @ COLLABOR88 Part of the Ria Med 2 Skin
Hair  >TRUTH<  Gaia 
Shirt  Legal Insanity  Missy T-Shirt Dope Lilac *NEW*
Pants Legal Insanity Debby Cargo Pants  Tartan Lilac *NEW*
Socks JD  @ The Seasons Story  Moto Sock Red *GACHA ITEM* 
Ears  [MANDALA]   Pierced Elf Ears 


This weekend a perfect time to do some inventory cleaning. I am on a role there went from  989.023 to 73.083 items and I am still deleting myself silly. Yes you hear it correctly I am D E L E T I N G !!! stuff and hitting the trashcan icon like a mad woman I am releasing myself from clutter. My goal is to hit  below 50.000 not know for sure if I am going to be able to hit that target this weekend but I will succeed. The new and improved inkie entered a new era.
The Liaison Collaborative is open with all for your looks , decorations and a posers pavilion and there I found this ::WetCat::  swing with  cute lights and adorable poses.
Enjoy your  weekend, I am going back to hitting the delete button have fun while you shop until you drop.

P.S if and when you want to take a look @ my place with Winter decorations you need to be quick I am done with Winter and I feel Spring is in the air of Second Life so the place will be under construction soon.

Skin  -Belleza- @  COLLABOR88  Ria Med 2
Hair ~Tableau Vivant~  @  COLLABOR88  Ophelia Summer
Dress (fd)  @  COLLABOR88 Sweater Dress  Brown
Scarf (fd)  @  COLLABOR88  Fuzzy Wrap Brown 
Tights ** [ RIDDLE ] ** Argyle Stockings Brown
Boots  ISPACHI  Seasons Female Boots
Poses & Swing  ::WetCat::  @  TLC Posers Pavilion  Lights Romance Swing