Today not a long story to tell I am on a role  to clean out my inventory. In the midst of the New Years cleaning, note cards are dropping in my mail box with all kind of events opening there virtual doors. There goo’s my resolution to be careful around gacha slapping machines ……..
(FreshFace)  game out with a new skin called Ruby witch I love. The Chapter Four , FaMESHed and TDR FUSION  are open as well with new and fabulous items and if you want to tackle  your self control issues you need to go to OMGacha. As you can see it is time to get your shopping bag IM your second life best friend and have fun while you shop until you drop.

P.S. I kept on crashing on the beta Firestorm material enabled viewer. So to keep my sanity and to protect my pc from being tossed out of the window I moved back to the an earlier  version. Hoping the later version of Firestorm with material enabled will be more user friendly for me. The MINA Hair is material enabled but in this pictures you don’t see it I am sorry for that. Hair still looks fabulous and you know what it is available @ TDR FUSION for bargain prices !!

Skin  (FreshFace)   Ruby Natural  *NEW*
Hair  MINA Hair  @  TDR FUSION  Noor Ombres *MATERIALS READY* 
Bow in Hair  RO  Briar Bow Headband Cake *GROUP GIFT* 
Coat  Emery  @  FaMESHed  Coat John Mustard 
Pants Emery  @  FaMESHed  Boyfriend Jeans Yoko Original 
Pumps  {Cherry}  @  FaMESHed  Ruby Platform Black 
Socks 21 Colors with HUD 
Drinking Cup  Birdy  @  OMG  Gacha  Bunny Cafe Hor Cinnamon Cider


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