№ 774 ❥ LOVESTRUCK ❥

                                                Valentine hand heart
Ssssht I know I am late …. let me refrace this ” I am to late “.  Valentine’s Day  is the 14th of February and it is the 18th already. I am way behind on my bloggers to do list and being late is the story of my second  life. I want to be the trendsetter but most of the time I am a sheep that follows the flock playing catch up all the time.
Although the big V day is already past, me sending kisses and my lღve to you all is not bound by only that day of the year. Lets make whole 2014 the year of lღve and kisses and make Valentine notes and cards the whole year trough. Me for instance accept chocolates in a red hearted boxes every day of the year and not only the 14th of February. To be quiet honest I accept chocolate in any kind of box or paper bag as long as it is milk chocolate….. pretty please.
The great thing about Valentine’s day in second life it inspires the designers and a lot of brands give out great group gifts as well did Izzie Button of Izzie’s. This skin so adorable and I just lღve the kissable lips and the skin is available for not only group members but for all who visit Izzie’s store. Don’t know if the skin is still out there but  when you are looking for a place that breezes Spring Izzie’s place is the place to be as well.
Another place to see specially if you are in to chocolate as I am is the  Love is in the Air Event   hosted by GizzA with some of the top designers of second life giving there view on lღve so prepare your self for a lot of pink and red and a scenery with lots of bonbons and chocolate.
 Take your time to rez to enjoy the Alice in Chocolate Wonderland landscape. This dress of GizzA is available there as well and it is making my avi feel like a little bonbon box with bow and all.
Lots of lღve and kisses and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin Izzie’s  Maci  *VALENTINE GIFT* 
Dress GizzA  @ Love is in the Air Event  Ribbon Dress Rosy
Shoes  CHICZAFARI @  Love is in the Air Event  Ultra Stilletos Bow Hot Pink
Arrow in Hair RO Lovestruck  *VALENTINE GROUP GIFT*


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