Wednesday halfway trough the week so I am early in filling in this weeks challenge by Strawberry Singh. 10 Blog related questions so I get on to it.

Meme instructions by Berry herself: Copy and paste the following questions and answers to your post, delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so others can come by and read your answers as well!
  1. Which electronic devices do you use to blog with? Nothing high tech or fancy just my desk top pc with a graphic card that is slowly dying on me. Can’t wait until next month to get a new one installed.
  2. Do you have a mission statement for your blog, if so, what is it? Life is not about finding yourself it is about creating yourself. Have fun while you second life shop until you drop.
  3. How do you feel about blogs that use their platforms to spread negativity? That depends what you see as negativity. I don’t like blogs when designers are getting trashed because the dress is not exactly what they thought it would be. Get over it make it yourself if you think you can do it better. On the other side the bloggers community is sometimes in my opinion to political correct playing nice on their blogs but being rude or obnoxious on other social platforms like Plurk or Flickr. If you don’t like things, be personal on your blog as well even tough you know you are going to rough some feathers of some designers who are not agreeing with your point of view.
  4. Are you a grammar junkie? Do you thoroughly check your blog for errors before posting and/or do you judge other people’s posts if they contain errors? No I am a basket case and a typo Queen. I have my spelling check on but … English is not my language so I bet some statements come out kind of strange directly translated from Dutch. Do I judge other people’s bad grammar? Probably not I would not even notice it myself.
  5. If you could switch blogs with another blogger who would it be? Interstyle Fashion by Anan Adored it is a great blog with a good combination between decoration and fashion. The pictures are mind blowing fabulous as well.
  6. Has your blog/blogging style evolved over the year(s)? How? Yes I started only with the pictures and the credits. I only took my pictures on a posing studio and that was it. In time I took my avi on a trip and took pictures on location as well. I start writing on my blog more then 1 year later. Not that I have the idea that people are actually reading this I feel better doing it like a little sl notebook for myself. For more then a year now I write and take pictures about furniture and decorations as well because I have my own little peace of second life heaven called  ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  *** 
  7. What is the most extraordinary thing that has happened to you because of blogging? Because of blogging I am still in world. I had a period in second life with a lot of drama loving people in my inner circle and I wanted to give up sl entirely. Because of blogging I stepped away and being creative and having an excuse not to react to drama IM’s
  8. When it comes to Second Life blogs, there are different styles: Fashion bloggers, Lifestyle & Travel bloggers, Informative bloggers, and more. Which style do you prefer and where do you feel your blog fits in? First fashion and then furniture and decorations. I travel to find photo shoot locations and I credit the location in my posts as well but I rarely take only pictures of the location by itself so I am not a travel blogger. And informative mmm not really I am a tech and social media noob so only information on where to shop on my blog.
  9. What has blogging taught you? How to use photo shop programs  at least the liquefy and sharpen  options. What a windlight setting is and how they can make or break the picture.
  10. Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers. Stay true to yourself only blog what you want to blog about say what you want to say or stay quiet if you want to be. Be grateful for the free items designers sent you but don’t be a slave to them and blog what you want to blog. You are not a pay role of any kind you give them free publicity as well but don’t be like a cheap date by only accepting their  free stuff and never blog about it Leave the blog group if you don’t have the time or lost the feeling with the brand. Check Berry her blog for all the tutorials to update your photo taking and blogging skills.

Skin -Glam Affair-  Mokatana The Diva *OLD FLF* 
Hair  tulip. Elena 
Dress –—-Gawk!—– Black Vintage Blouse Dress
Shoes with Socks [Gos] Boutique Charlotte Mary Jane Pumps  Patent
 Hat  *LODE*  Vintage Romance White 
 Necklace =Zenith=  Coal Pearl Stone Egg Necklace Bag
 Bag  GizzA  Summer Bag Bow 
Chair with Cow Print  22769 ~ [bauwerk] Taxidermic Chair
Table !Ohmai  Red’s Tea Party Lace Table 
Antler Chair  [HANDverk]  Antler Cahir Natural
 Creator Tobias Convair
  Dog Mesh Mafia   Basset Hound 
  Champagne Glasses & Bottle [ keke ] 



Just a quick post on this Tuesday so much things to do and so little time to get all the things done in time. Fabulous flawless new skin made by Alexandra Barcelos of F I L T H Y  Skins. The skin comes with all the appliers needed so no need to dig deep in all kind of separate folders to find the damn things. I love the eyebrow options included 10 in total and with the 12 lipsticks and 6 eye shadows a lot of options to mix and match this skin with all kind of outfits.
The =MODA= corset comes with a *HUD With 24 Colors *  for the main body , front panel , back panel, straps  and the belt. Then 4 Color Option for the Lace and 2 metal options for the buttons. 

Enjoy mixing and matching  and have fun while you shop until you drop

Skin  F I L T H Y   Perle Ivory  *NEW*
Hair >TRUTH<  Betsy  *NEW*
Corset  =MODA DESIGNS=  Addiction Belted Corset
*HUD With 24 Colors * 
Main Body , Front Panel , Back Panel, Straps , Belt
4 Color Option for the Lace 
2 Metal Options for the Buttons
Shoes =MODA DESIGNS= Corset Pin Up Pumps
Poses and Props  YoGa Poses  @ Pose fair 2014 My Vanity 
Chair and Dressing Table 


From the 28th of April until the 5th of May the EB Awareness event will be open. Until some days ago I never heard of Epidermolysis Bullosa , shortened EB it  is an inherited connective tissue disease causing blisters  in the skin and the skin pealing of on the slightest tough or friction.
 “Butterfly Children” is a term often used to describe younger patients (because the skin is said to be as fragile as a butterfly’s wings  , “Cotton Wool Babies,”, or (in South America) as “Crystal Skin Children”.
For the children who are suffering from this condition it is a daily struggle against pain and it affects the whole family who sees their loved one in such uphill battle. So this event is to raise awareness and to have  fund raising to help out the Debra Foundation. You can donate at the shopping event but on the Debra website as well.
  LaLuna Xue from Punky Chicks soon to be known as * Purete * made 6 exclusive   butterfly dresses in theme of the event and 75% goo’s to the Debra Foundation.
Burdeyna Islands  donated the land for the event lets do some serious shopping and helping all those who are effected by EB.
Be aware and have fun while you shop until you drop.
                                      EB Awareness Event 

Dresses  Punky Chicks  @  EB Awareness Tube Dress 3 & Satin Dress 1
Necklace , Bracelets , Rings & Earrings  Izzie’s  *GROUP GIFT* 
Shoes Eudora  Huxley Stilettos
For Slink High Feet
Poses  with Butterflies Yoga Poses  @ Pose fair 2014 Butterflies


Here in Holland the birthday of the King is on the 27th of April . Because this is on a Sunday  this year and Sunday is considered a day of rest and a day of the Lord this year Kingsday in Holland is on the 26th. For me the 27st of April is imported  because it is the day of birth of my daughter.

 My princes having her birthday of the day of the King how nice is that. 

Orange is the Dutch national color and I wish all of you Dutchies out there  Happy Kingsday.

The Dressing Room Fusion is having their 4 year anniversary. TDR is one of my oldest shopping destinations I visit every new round. Top designers with bargain prices a must see for sure.
Happy weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin -Belleza-  Nina 
Hair  Exile  Pick Up LInes
Dress  Faenzo  @  COLLABOR88 April  Silk Flare Dress Celosia
Glasses Faenzo  @  COLLABOR88  April  Bold Sunglasses Celosia
Shoes =MODA= DESIGNS   Pin Up Pumps  *NEW*
For Slink Feet High 
Bag  *YS&YS* @  TDR FUSION  Viareggio Bag 
Pose 1st Picture  Countdown  @ Pose Fair 2014 Pose 082
Pose  2cond  Picture  Ma Vie. @ Pose Fair 2014  My Own Way 09
Boat  [we’re CLOSED] Row Boat White
Bridge Studio Skye The Old Bridge 


Like almost every woman I am addicted to shoes … let me rephrase this in second life  I am a shoe ho mind my language but there is no better word to dis scribe my love for shoes.
Sneakers , boots , flats it does not matter I love them all. When it comes to heels I am a total basket case and a lost cause. In real life I don’t wear high heels that much anymore  because of back problems but in sl  I loooove wearing  my heels.
Eonla from =MODA DESIGNS= made some killer heels with the cutest bows on the back and nose of the shoes that can be changed with a color HUD.
Have a great day and shoe shop until you drop.

Skin { .essences.}  Paris 03 Light Rose
Hair .:EMO-tions:.  Nami 
Skirt & Top  coldLogic  Sowers  Red/White
Shoes  =MODA DESIGNS= Corset Pin Up Pumps *NEW*
For Slink High Feet 
Bag MiWardrobe  @  *{ TheSeasonsStory}*  Boho Handbag 3*3
Pose 1st Picture Diesel Works  Bombastic 3 
Pose 2cond Picture  Ma Vie.  @  Pose Fair 2014 Les Revenants 10
Pose 3th Picture  oOo Studio @ Pose Fair 2014 Glamorous Two
Chair Trompe Loeil  @  FaMESHed  Kings Chair Leather White 
Newspaper with Glasses  :CP:  @  TLC  Rainey Bistro Newspaper
Dog  ZOOBY’S Black Doberman


Pose Fair 2014 opened their virtual doors and in 2 hours time I am a broke ass avi. The lay out is great and take a  shopping tip from me: pic your turn and follow the color lines Don’t go kriss, cross like I did in the first hour because there is a change you miss certain shops and that would be a shame. For me as a blogger poses are  just as imported as the clothing , hair, shoes and skins. Do I credit my poses all the time ? I try to .. but not all the time. Reason is the fact that a lot of my poses are older poses and not available anymore. Other reason is the fact that I loaded my poses in to a HUD and  deleted them from my inventory on a quest to lower my inventory numbers. The end result of that “action” is that  I can not find the pose store or creator anymore from a lot of poses.
When it comes to taking picture I am a loner so I only can give comment on the single poses since I don’t even own one couple pose. Since the release of mesh a lot of my poses don’t fit anymore and although there is a poses editing device called Animare Pose Fair was a great opportunity to renew my pose collection.

Meme Instructions by Berry herself: Share a picture of your favorite pose or a list of your favorite posemakers on the grid! Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the blog memes flickr group.

  1. WetCat  by WetCat ( Rie for others ) I am a pose props junkie and this brand always have original props for every new season like this bungee jumping prop now available on Pose Fair 2014.
  2. Del May  by Del May Love these artistic poses with a nice twist to it. The Del May poses inspire me as a blogger on what to blog about next.
  3. aDORKable by Adorkable Peapod only available on Market Place right now. Poses and props with humor and a smile. Nice free bees  for grabs there as well.
  4.  Ma Vie.  by Mavie Beck Editorial, Haute Couture, Modelling – all you need in poses.
  5. Countdown by antoniaxp. Found this brand on the Pose Fair and it fits with mesh !! ..::Vibe::.. by Journey  Lorakeet also a new brand for me I found on the Pose Fair and I know I am going to use them often.
There are many , many more great pose and props makers out there who I did not mentioned. I lost counting how many poses I have and had and deleted. The second life pose making industry is making money out of me for sure.

Thinking about posing and because I declared the month of April Pixel Styles Music Month I add the video of Madonna Vogue to this post.

                            Greta Garbo , and Monroe Deitrich and DiMaggio
                                             Marlon Brando , Jimmy Dean 
                                              On the cover of a magazine
                          Grace Kelly , Harlow Jean Picture of a beauty queen
                         Gene Kelly , Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers dance on air.
                    They had style they had grace Rita Hayworth gave good face
                         Lauren , Katherine ,Lana too Bette Davids we love you 
                          Ladies with an attitude Fellows that were in the mood
                                   Don’t just stand there , let’s get to it
                                        Strike a pose there’s  nothing to it 
                                                  Vogue …  vogue …. vogue 

Skin  -Glam Affair-  Mokatana The Diva  *OLD FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY*
Hair  *ARGRACE*  Saki 
Shirt =MODA=  Music Mania Tee 
Pants  **SHINE**  Legging Jeans Modern *NEW*
Shoes  MG  @  *{ TheSeasonsStory}* Sandals Ibiza Summer Beaded
Poses and Prop ::WetCat::  @ Pose Fair 2014 Free Fall Bungee Prop


So many things happening right now when it comes to second life and shopping so no small talk today just some pictures and the credits so I can go on taking more pictures. 

I will be back soon and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin  -Glam Affair- Brandi America 04 
Hair  !Ohmai Athena 
Dress & Earrings Leagal Insanity @ Monochromatic Fair  Flora Dress Orange
Shoes *(HithRize)*  Shoeper Woman Orange 
* For Slink Feet High * 
Bag  [sYs]  @  TLC  SOKO Bag Orange / Yellow
Eg Necklace =Zenith=  @ *{ The Seasons Story}*  *GACHA* 
Glasses Izzie’s  Oversized Sunglasses
Poses ..::Vibe::.. Lean 80013 /  Basics I 07