Hello I am back I had a great festival I buzzed my tits and danced my ass off. I needed some days to recover but now with 6 days of vacation time remaining I am ready to work on my bloggers to do list. Since I have a new pc with a better working graphic card sl is opening up to me to all it’s wonders. I did some sl traveling the past days to update a note card with sl travel destinations. In posts to come I will take pictures on different sims to show how other sl residents making a piece of pixel heaven and are willing to share it with others.

First stop The Trace home of Kylie Jaxxon  and there is a beautiful beach area now. The reason I say now is because this sim is changing with the seasons and will have a different look and feel with the turning of the sl pages. Kylie is so friendly to open the rez rights to the public without the need of group space so you have the opportunity to use pose balls and pose props that need rezzing. Do pick up your pieces after you are  done but that goo’s without saying.  If and when you make pictures there you can add them in The Trace Flickr group as well.
I love the textures of the sand and the detailing of the decorations and together with the wide views I give this place ✭✭✭✭✭ on the 1 to 5 picture perfect scale.

Have a great trip and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin -Glam Affair-  Brandi
Hair /Wasabi Pills/  Mia
Shirt  DeeTaleZ  Cotton Long Shirt Coffee Stripes
Pants Maitreya  White Cropped Pants
Feet Slink Natural Barefeet
Sneakers around Neck  A T T I C  Sneaky Boots Hang Brown *GACHA*
Earrings *KUNGLERS* Paradiso Earrings Copper




Not a long post here I am preparing for a short break so rl is quiet busy right now. I am showing you some more Arcade gacha goodies. Hair is from >TRUTH<  skin if from [theSkinnery] and the  dress if from {u.f.o}   all available at The Arcade. Decorataions are a combination of [AF]  & {u.f.o}  & junk & HIDEKI  & {vespertine}  & some Arcade items from the past.
I got myself a new lighthouse from Culprit and I am very happy with it, you can  come see it @ ***  Beautiful 4  Seasons  ***

I am leaving for a short break so no post for some days have fun while you shop until you drop

P.S. next posts to come are all about the wonders of second life destinations I have bin sim hopping and saw so many beautiful places I want to share with you. So in the near future for me unknown places will be decorations for my pictures.




Some posts ago I showed The Arcade fairy’s from !Ohmai and I wanted to show you the potted fairy’s as well. So no long story just take the trip to The Arcade and go slap the machines. The gnome on the swing and the gnome behind the milkcan are from Mutresse and also availeble @ The Arcade
If you want to take pictures with them yourself you are welcome @
                                  ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***
Enjoy your  day and have fun while you gacha shop until you drop




Fashion For Life is SL’s longest-running  and most successful fashion fair. All donations go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society. 
Fashion For Life runs from June 7th – June 20th across 10 sims. The theme this year is Wanderlust – a reflection of Relay For Life’s theme Journey To A Promise. Over the 10 sims, you will find 150 stores, gacha areas and a region wide passport game. 
Here is the link where to find your favorite designer or brand in alphabetically order how convenient is that.

I got a new pc and I am over the moon so happy that I could upgrade to a viewer that supports material enabled textures. I need to play with the windlight settings a little bit more to show the optimal effects of that kind of textures. On this pictures I show a dress  from petit chat made by Trinity Yazimoto and she   is using her own personal real life artwork as inspiration to her second life creations. Also material enabled is the MINA hair called Femke  , both available @ Fashion For Life. I added the direct shop URL’s on the event so you are as close as possible.
The shoes are from =MODA= DESIGNS called Princess Sling Back Heel and I just love them the textures are high quality and the colors are fabulous. They are made for the Slink high feet.
Have a great day and have fun while you shop until you drop.



Yesterday I visited a new sim called *H2H*  and took some pictures there as well. This place is decorated by a friend of mine Mz Marville( Mzzzzz )  and her friend Autom Nightfire and a must see for sure. There are many nice picture perfect spots and a beautiful scenery. Mz and Atoum started their own landscaping business called DNA  and this piece of second life heaven is definitely an amazing show case on their decorating and landscaping skills.
I wont bore you today with sneak pre views of cloting and items only available on events where it is to crowded to get in to . The hair is from /Wassabi Pills/ and is called Madeleine and the top is from *COCO* both available at FaMESHed The skirt is from *COCO* as well but it is available @ The Chapter Four and is a gacha item.
Happy traveling and have fun while you shop until you drop



Yes there is no point in denying  I am a second life shoe ho. No point in sugar coating the fact that I will bend over and pick up every pixel nickel dime I lay my eyes on to get my hands on the latest hot high heels. Before the Slink feet revolution wearing high heels was a pain in the ass with coloring the skins to match the feet that came with the shoe. Only Gos en N-core shoes with their shin matching websites were feeding my hunger to shoes. But not anymore Hallelujah and praise the  Lord of shoes  it is raining shoes all over the grid and I am over the moon so happy about it. First picture are a creation of Victoria Grau  of VG SHOES  second picture the shoes are from Eon of MODA DESIGNS. Girls you both make my second life feet jump for joy keep on the good work you rock.
I made this pictures some weeks ago and when I was cleaning up my old pc I found them again so pffft saved them before loosing them by changing pc’s

I got myself a new pc .. good news I can see liquid / fluid mesh and I can see material enabled designs as well because I am able to upgrade to the last generation viewer. On my old pc I had the CS2  photoshop program installed and I got that program trough an once in a life time change by getting an installation code on line. This program was lost by  getting a new pc so I am kind of lost right now not having a photoshop program that is capable of changing the shape of things a little bit, that is possible in the photoshop liquefy tool. Next on my list is a Adobe photshop program that is affordable or a lucky change to get a free code again. I am happy with just the CS2 version I just need the liquefy tool and I am back on track when it comes to finishing my pictures.
Happy weekend have fun while you shop until you drop.

1st Picture
Skin -Glam Affair-  Coral
Hair  +Spelbound+   Nahara
Dress LMD  Delilah Dress Melon
Shoes VG  SHOES Coco Red
Glasses  [MAGIC NOOK] Golden Life Sunglasses Pastel
2cond Picture
Skin -Glam Affair-  Coral
Hair MINA  @ My Attic Astrid
Top ::{u.f.o}::  Vreezy Off Shoulder Blouse Strawberry
Pants  Emery  High Waisted Jeans Jule
Shoes  MODA DESIGNS  Fiona Flower Peep Toe Pumps



If and when you just came underneath a pixel rock and you have no clue what is happening I give you  some hints……. out of sim shopping ….. going broke ….. doubling and tripling but no rare …. gacha !!  The Arcade is open.
If and when you are a gambler anonymous a no go area for sure  but there is a great gacha yardsale at  the Nest  and all the shops are displayed in alphabetical order how conveniant is that. And you can put your items for sale there as wel free of charge.
One of my favorite items this round are the fairytale compagnions made by Any Ohmai  of  !Ohmai. They are to cute for words and they come in a flying option and there are potted fairys as well. I can watch them for hours they make me smile and happy inside.
Happy Humpday  and have fun while you gacha shop until you drop.

Oohh yes I am going pc shopping tomorrow so that means I am going to be able to upgrade to the latest viewers so I can see fitted and liquid mesh in a normal way and I will be able so see matarial enabled texturing as well. I can not wait to get to work with my new computer.

Skin  [theSkinnery]  @ The Arcade Chloe 3 (honey) DB CL1
Hair ~Tableau Vivant~ @  The Arcade Longfall Hair Light Dyes
Dress =Zenith=  @  FaMESHed  Hippie Dress w Belt Brown
Band in Hair =Zenith=  @  FaMESHed Hippie Headband Peace
Fairy’s !Ohmai  @  The Arcade Dandelion , Lady Bug , Tulip , Horn Beetle 
Decoration & Scenery 
Car {vesperitine}  @  The Arcade  *RARE*
Camping Chair & Table & Blankets  {vesperitine}  @  The Arcade  
Backpack IPACHI  @ The Arcade Upheaval Backpack 
Boots ASO!  @  The Arcade Rain Boots French Khaki
Banjo Zigana @  The Arcade  Banjo Neutral Old
Road sign  (epia)  @  The Arcade 
I will leave this set up here for a while you are welcome to take pictures @