Past Eurovision Song contest Holland participated with a country song  by The Common Linnets called Calm After The Storm. Country music always takes me back to the time I was 14 years old and I was invited to join a practice of  the school live music band.
 I jumped up and down over the moon so happy convinced I was invited because I could sing so nice….. little did I know .. I was invited to make the choreography  of the lead singer and teach her how to make her steps while she was singing.
Blue Bayou the song the school band was playing on our school dance makes me sing our loud every time I hear it over the radio now.
I feel so bad I got a worried mind
I’m so lonesome all the time
Since I left my baby behind
On Blue Bayou
I am over it .. really….  my singing voice sucks I know  a singing career is not mend to be…. But I can keep on dreaming can’t I ? At least my avie can hold a guitar like she knows what she is doing.
Have a great day and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin { .essences.}  Tila {Medium02} *NEW*
Hair >TRUTH<  Hope
Dress *Fishy Strawberry*  @ The Chapter Four Denim and Lace Dress
Cardigan  GizzA  Yachting Cardigan White
Boots (LaRoo) Doom Boots
Hat RO  @ TMD  Gunslinger Cowboy Hat Colt
Poses and Guitar Props  Nani  Play Something Country
Pose with Horse Nani  Don’t know if it is still available
 Does not exist anymore. Places in second life appear and  disappear very fast. If and when you can afford to support sim builders and creators give some linden loving, so they can  keep their places open for public so we call can enjoy their labor of love. 


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