Help !! .. can somebody help me please ? For me, a compulsive second life shopper, there is way to much happening and way to many events opening right now.  My bloggers to do list keeps on getting longer every minute I log in world  so … I put a stop to it and ” it “ is the fact I jump on  the TP train with every note card and every invite I get.
Making blog posts to get all my goodies out here feels almost like a job and there is one thing I promised myself not to work in second life anymore  because I got a demanding real life job as well.
Said all that ..  here is news for all of you who are not on a shopping diet yet The Secret Affair is open from 15-29 July.
For those of you who are in to decadent with a touch of historical romance and  love to slap some gacha machines as well this is the place to be for the next 2 weeks.
Location : H22O I just love this gloomy water wonderland. This is the place to work and practice with shadows and your windlightsettings. The rain is falling relentlessly and the horizon views are amazing.
On my Picture Perfect Places scale I rate this place ✭✭✭✭✭

I leave you with the advice written on the H22O landmark profile..
“Never run in the rain with your socks on”


Skin { .essences.} @ : : K U S T O M 9 : : Alex02 Pale02 *GACHA*
Hair Shi  @ Hair Fair 2014 Chic
Metal Top and Shoulder Pats  DRD  @ The Secret Affair Brynhild Armor
Skirt  Peqe @ The Secret Affair Rose Black
Necklace & Earrings [MANDALA] @ COLLABOR88 July Legacy Elephant
Location : H22O

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