When it comes to the circus I am quiet ambivilent. As a child I loved it when the circus was in town. The trapeze artist , the juggler and of course the clowns I whined just as long it was needed to get my mom to take me and when I was older to give some money so I can go with friends.
The sad part of the circus for me are the “wild” animals the tigers and lions performing there tricks jumping trough burning rings, sitting on there back end waving with there paws. Because of human safty regulations  to  detained in small cages. There is a shopping event open from November the 6th until the November 26 to raise money for the ASPCA. Name of the event is Cirque de Seraphim.
Legal Insanity designer Datrip Blackbart made this cute little dress available here
More shopping news to tell you ?
The 3th round of My Slink Obsession is open from November the 5th until November 22nd. I am showing you black and white killer shoes with a fabulous bow made by Leri Miles of LMD available at Slink West.
On The Chapter 4 I slapped the HIDEKI gacha machines to get myself a circus tent and lot more circus items.
You can come over to my place and see the items in full display yourself
Be good to all that breathes and have fun while you shop until you drop.

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