Almost 2 years ago I made my Second Life bucket list . I will get back to that list in posts to come because  there are still things on that list that “need”to be done in here.

In my real life I got a bucket list as well and on that list is learning how to skateboard.
I know how to move on skeelers and inline skates but doing my thing on a skateboard remains one bridge to far. Main reason is the fact that I am scared that I hurt my ass , back or leggs by falling down. Learning how to skate can  be done standing behind a chair that is how I learned how to ice skate as a child but that is not a possibility when it comes to rolling on a skate board.
The question is now : do I have to get rid of my fear of falling before I start rolling on a skate board or do I get rid of my fear of falling because I start rolling on a skate board ?
In Second Life my pixel ass can take a fall without any problem.
Posed here as  skate board chick trying to collect some courage on the other side of the pixel fence.
Enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.


Hair >TRUTH< Wren
Pants + Top + Gloves Fdd @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Cirilla *GACHA*
TFGC = open untill March 15th
Boots Eudora 3D Quatermain Boots Browns
Pose and Skate Board *Everglow* Skateboard 3
Decoration & Scenery
Basket Ball PILOT
Radio RO RetroCool BoomBox
Paint Cans ![FLIT INK]
Steps Botanical Brick Park Path
Skate Board Apple Fall Skateboard Graffiti


Tic , tac , tic , tac… The Arcade gacha clock is ticking..

The past view rounds I hold myself back and only did some gacha shopping on yardsales.
I only bought that specific items I realy “needed” and saved myself some hard Linden cash.
In time I even got a little gacha tired. At my favorite Home & Shopping blogsite Love To Decorate they held a poll : GACHA – OVER IT OR LOVE IT?  and you see more people feeling the same.
“There is always a but in this imperfect world” Anne Bronte once said and that is so true when it comes to playing gacha specialy this round of The Arcade.
I have to worn you  this round is one you can not resist.
Spring is in the Second Life Gacha air.
Break your pixel piggy bank and make your shopping list like I did mine.
Favorite machines I “need” to slap :
8f8    Anc. Ltd  Boogers Consignment  David Heather DRD  DustBunny EPIA ERRATIC ( This one is way way way my favorite Just love the English tea time theme ) Le Primtif MadPea Oyasumi Sari Sari and much so much  more !!!
On this picture I give you a pre-view of the Trompe Loeil Arcade gacha items for this round called Shotgun Shacks.
 L$25 per play • 7 to collect
Perms: Modify/Transfer
Mesh: 100% Mesh
Land Impact: 45
6m x 21m footprint
Single room with 2 porches and working doors
Enjoy your weekend gacha or not have fun while you shop until you drop.


Inspiration 3_001

To get my bloggers ideas and inspiration I am a web junkie.

In my search for  fix for pics I end up on Pinterest on a daily basis to work on my personal mood boards en  let the creative juices flow.
I collected a lot of pictures and I desided to challange myself once a week to chose one picture that struck a chord  and make a Second Life version of that picture.
PixelStyles meeting Pinterest and this is the first one.
Sophia Loren movie star and sexbomb and I just love this quote from her :
“If you haven’t cried ,your eyes can’t be beautiful”
The poses on the picture are not quit the same and my avi is not half as beautiful as Sophia is  but I am happy with my first challenge result.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.


 Skin New Faces Alice [Summer]
Hair Analog Dog 17 Dark
Top Legal Insanity @ The Gacha Mania I ❤ Tank Grey Pastels *GACHA*
 Shorts Maitreya #7 Cut Off Jeans Shorts

№ 1030 BOHO @ ~UBER~

This months theme at ~uber~ makes me want  to pack my suitcases and get on the plane to Ibiza.

The theme is Boho and and looks like the designers had coffee together to talk about what colors to use. All the pieces of furniture  looking great together and mix and match so well !

I will give credit to all the pieces  in the picture most of them are available at ~uber~ but not all of them so I will try to lead you to the right place to shop.

Enjoy the mixing and the matching  and have fun while you shop until you drop.
 Bench junk.~uber~  Boho Spring Bench
Bed tarte.~uber~  Boho Corner Lounger Sky
Dresser [ARIA]  @ ~uber~ Willa Chipped Dresser
Bedside Table [ARIA]  @ ~uber~ Willa Chipped Bedside Table
Pictures tarte.~uber~  Boho Wall Art
Curtain junk.~uber~ Boho Curtain
Latern junk.~uber~ Large Latern Silver
Decor on Bedside Table [ARIA]  @ ~uber~ Willa Decorative Makeup Tray
Rug junk.~uber~ Round Bogo Rug Turquoise
Ribbon Curtain ( next to Pictures ) Cheeky Pea~uber~ Delilah Blossom Sheer
Bag ~BAZAR~ Traveler Bag 1
Books [ zerkalo ] @ Shiny Shabby *GACHA RARE*
Surf Boards  22769 ~ [bauwerk] Surfboard Rack
Hat and Towl on Bed Lark  Day at the Beach
Tree Ravenghost Wishing Tree *3D Wallart
The three comes with season changing HUD and is flat on one side so perfect to place against walls outdoors and indoors as well.
Lamp  Ravenghost @ OneWord Evermore Fairytale Luminary
OneWord is not open jet so I added the link to the blogsite
Oneword Round Seven Fairytales is coming soon March 1st – March 15th!
This is the one year anniversary birthday round!


Years ago when I started this blog using the services of Blogger I made a blog trough WordPress as well. The options on WordPress are more extensive  so more complicated and me being a noob blogger got along faster  with Blogger, so the choise witch service to use was an easy choise.

My blog is not in the danger zone ( I think ) when it comes to the new rules but I  get a little irritated when rules are not totaly clear to me and this forced upon rules can change in to other more heavy set of rules. Maybe it is a storm in a teacup but to be on the safe side I dived in the WordPress world again and  I injected new life in my WordPress blog. I will be maintaining 2 blogs for a while and maybe move over when I feel no longer at home at Blogger.
The name PixelStyles was already taken years ago so my blogname at WordPress is inkieStyles and is called on my blogpage inkie PixelStyles.
So I stop rambeling about Blogger and WordPress, back to what I do best and that is shopping.
I just looooooooooove the new MINA Hair available at Shiny Shabby and the flair jeans from [NV]
Good luck in making the right choises and have fun while you shop until  you drop.
Skin Glam Affair Sophie skin Asia *VALENTINE GROUP GIFT*
Jacket *COCO DESIGNS* Leather Jacket With Denim Cocoa
Pants [NV] 750 Jeans Marine
Decorations and Scenery
Table & Bench .: revival :. @ Shiny Shabby Rustic Bench and Table
Chickens & Rooster  Bad Katz Mesh Chicken Brown
Picnic Basket Cheeky Pea Sara Picnic Basket Nira
Walking Sticks junk. @ Shiny Shabby


Every Monday it is challange / meme day of Strawberry Singh and I try to follow every week.
Meme instructions by Miss Berry herself : Share things that you have learned because of your involvement in Second Life, either personally or professionally. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post at Berry her post  so others can come by and read your answers as well!
  • Social Media – Before Second Life I was a total noob when it comes to what is happening on the internet. Did not have a Facebook account never heard of Flickr , Skype ,  Plurk and Pinterest and only knew Twitter existed because I heard people at my real life work talking about it. My Facebook and Skype  account is a mix between second life and real life people, all the other social media platforms are second life related and I don’t have a Twitter account … jet .. should I get one and why ?
  • Blogging – Learned how to make and manage a blog. My Pixel Styles blog is one of the main reason I still log in to Second Life. I would be bored out of my mind without blogging. In real life I even gave tips to some of my colleagues how to start a blog  about there hobby’s
  • Being social – By heart I am a loner and shy. I started to work as a host in Woods Club to get over my social awkwardness. Don’t work there anymore but Woods is still my favorite hang out if I need a bloggers break. Great music and nice people who let me be me.
  • Not all people have a sexual agenda – Found out after some mess ups and mistakes that not everybody in Second Life have sexual reasons to be in here. I am still  a littbe bit suspicious when I first start talking to people but that is the little voice of reason from my Mother “never talk to strangers ” speaking to me.
  • Role Play is not for me – In real life I did some role playing .. not going to tell how  but I did. In Second Life I tried it as well in different worlds and I don’t like it. My emote skill sucks and I fall out of character all the time making people upset and angry.
Today I had my 100th visitor @ *** Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***
The more people that visit the better,  so you are welcome to come over  anytime.
If you want or need rez rights drop me an IM so I can add you to the land group.
There is a *** Beautiful  4  Seasons  *** Flickr group as well if you feel the need to share your pictures you made here.
Enjoy your Second Life journey and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin -Glam Affair-  @ Shiny Shabby Alice Jamaica Shiny Shabby 04
Hat ELYSIUM @ TDR FUSION Irina Fashion Hat Red
Hair +elua+ Yuki1 ( for hat option )
Cape ISON Winter Cape Brown
Skirt  .: ryvolter :. Alena Jersey Skirt Scarlet


Since I started as a blogger more and more I shift  to home & garden posts.
Making fashion posts is like playing dress up with my pixel Barbie and decorating is like playing with my dollhouse. Moving the furniture back and forth , mixing and matching styles I just love it.
Since the rise of mesh the prim count of furniture pieces is dropping , so more fun to fuzz about the details.  In the midst of stormy and rainy weather in real life I can pretend it is Summer on the other side of the pixel fence.
At  COLLABOR88  the February editon Trompe Loeil is offering a great hide away for near the wather and some compfortable chairs. The cushions on the chair match perfectly in tone and coloring with the Lounge Pillows of [ we’re CLOSED ] avialable at the  Cosmopolitan Event
Enjoy mixing , matching and moving the furniture and  have fun while you shop until you drop.
House Trompe Loeil @  COLLABOR88 Amelia Cabin
Chair Trompe Loeil @  COLLABOR88  Amelia Loveseat Leather Black
Tea Set on Chair HEADHUNTER’S Green Tea Set
Guitar Seven Emporium Unstrung Classical  Guitar
Plant Apple Fall Banana Tree
Chess Game [ zerkalo ]
Cats (fashionably dead) *GACHA*
Laundry Basket on Wheels  Apple Fall Neva’s Laundry Basket *GACHA*
Towel Basket on the Floor The Loft @ COLLABOR88
Pillow Basket HIDEKI @ The Chapter Four *GACHA*
Mannequin { anc } @ The Fantasy Gacha  Vintage *GACHA*
Open Until March 15th
Map {Petite Maison} Mercator World Map