№ 1023 **FA CREATIONS**

Sandie Saenz of *** FA CREATIONS & SEDUCE *** made some sexy skirts and tops called Sade Outfit  all changeable trough hud. The hud gives you 6 skirt and 6 shirt options and you can use the top and skirt separately to give you tons of options to mix and match. The boots are from the same brand and they come  in 8 color options.
The coat if from Le Primitif and available at K U S T O M 9.
The hair is from Rebal Gal and is called Gladys and I think the hair is great.
If and when you are a Second Life smoker this cigarette and holder set of [ kunst ] is just perfect if you are aming for the fabulous  look.
I want to point out that The Fantasy Gacha is open as well. The locomotive you see on the back is a *RARE* gacha itme from ~*Alchemist*~ and inspired me to make a littel train stration at
Enjoy your journey and have fun while you shop until you drop.

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