Inspiration 3_001

To get my bloggers ideas and inspiration I am a web junkie.

In my search for  fix for pics I end up on Pinterest on a daily basis to work on my personal mood boards en  let the creative juices flow.
I collected a lot of pictures and I desided to challange myself once a week to chose one picture that struck a chord  and make a Second Life version of that picture.
PixelStyles meeting Pinterest and this is the first one.
Sophia Loren movie star and sexbomb and I just love this quote from her :
“If you haven’t cried ,your eyes can’t be beautiful”
The poses on the picture are not quit the same and my avi is not half as beautiful as Sophia is  but I am happy with my first challenge result.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.


 Skin New Faces Alice [Summer]
Hair Analog Dog 17 Dark
Top Legal Insanity @ The Gacha Mania I ❤ Tank Grey Pastels *GACHA*
 Shorts Maitreya #7 Cut Off Jeans Shorts

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