Almost 2 years ago I made my Second Life bucket list . I will get back to that list in posts to come because  there are still things on that list that “need”to be done in here.

In my real life I got a bucket list as well and on that list is learning how to skateboard.
I know how to move on skeelers and inline skates but doing my thing on a skateboard remains one bridge to far. Main reason is the fact that I am scared that I hurt my ass , back or leggs by falling down. Learning how to skate can  be done standing behind a chair that is how I learned how to ice skate as a child but that is not a possibility when it comes to rolling on a skate board.
The question is now : do I have to get rid of my fear of falling before I start rolling on a skate board or do I get rid of my fear of falling because I start rolling on a skate board ?
In Second Life my pixel ass can take a fall without any problem.
Posed here as  skate board chick trying to collect some courage on the other side of the pixel fence.
Enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.


Hair >TRUTH< Wren
Pants + Top + Gloves Fdd @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Cirilla *GACHA*
TFGC = open untill March 15th
Boots Eudora 3D Quatermain Boots Browns
Pose and Skate Board *Everglow* Skateboard 3
Decoration & Scenery
Basket Ball PILOT
Radio RO RetroCool BoomBox
Paint Cans ![FLIT INK]
Steps Botanical Brick Park Path
Skate Board Apple Fall Skateboard Graffiti

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