In case you did not noticed it The Arcade and all its madness is open.

Because it is a day time job to get in I went to some yardsales to satisfy my Arcade hunger.
My favorite yardsale is Gachaopolis but there are way more yard sales out there.
One of my favorites this round are the Shina Inu dogs from +Half Deer+ witch I show in this picture
but {theosophy} got Shina Inu dogs as well this round.
 Home&Garden brand Di’Cor is taking second life by storm.
The 2 chairs in front will be available at The Mens Dept and the comfortable chairs  on the back
 and the modern coffee table are available at FaMESHed.
iBi wicked disigner and creator of 8f8 is responsible for the tea cup in the picture below.
It is part of The Arcade Story Teller’s Burrow  collection and like all iBi makes fantastic and magical.
The pumpkin pie is not a gacha item but for sale at { what next } main store.
The masterpiece of a fire place is from Apple Fall another gifted creator and designer in second life.
To protect all the content creators in second life against copybots, sign  this petiton pretty please.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.

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