Today I sent greetings from Neva Sky Villi
On my Picture Perfect Place scale I rate this place ✭✭✭✭✭+
The places changes with the seasons  and the details on the decorations and scenery are amazing and mind blowing.
There is a new shopping event open called Creation.jp where the best of Japanese  designers selling their work. If you want to stay updated about this event there is a  ** CREATION.JP ** group available as well.
Enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop
Skin -Glam Affair-  @  COLLABOR88 June  Summer 04 E
Hair booN  @ ** CREATION.JP ** PO1481 *Fluid Mesh*
Glasses (Yummy) Leigh Frames Turtoise
Headband =Zenith=FaMESHed June Hippie Headband Peace
Dress [Cynful] TDR FUSION Kamalin Dress Leather Tan
Jacket [Cynful] Cropped Denim Jacket
Shoes ieQED Savoy Sandal Leopard / Gold
For Slink High Feet
Hands Slink
Bag *YS&YS* Viareggio Bag Weave


Yesterday I had the honer that    visit my place called
                     *** Beautiful 4  Seasons  *** 
She   made some beautiful pictures and posted them in  a blogpost on the blog [SL] Blogger Support. I am so exited about that !! The fact that people see what I did in my labor of love and actually like it.
 If and when you are a photographer yourself and you want to take pictures at my place you are welcome anytime. If you need rez rights for pose balls or pose stands contact me and I can add you to the group **Pixel Styles**  you can rez and strike a pose.
Good luck with striking poses and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin -Glam Affair-  @  COLLABOR88   Sylvia America Base 
Dress [Cynful]  Leather Bound Sass
Shoes  Maitreya  Stagioni Leather Bronze 
Socks  Maitreya  Dahlia Socks 
Tights Izzie’s  Heart Tights  
Long Necklace  *KUNGLERS* #008 Necklace Golden 
Necklace Short  MG  Clockwork Steampunk
Jacket around the Waist *COCO*  Camo Desert 
Glasses  REDGRAVE   Neo 
Headphone  [MANDALA]  Eargasm Headphones 


Hello lately I am lost for words to say here. I am busy like there is no tomorrow and  I got a to do list as long as the wall of China so excuse me for rushing in and out here with only the pictures.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin -Glam Affair-  Neva Jamaica 03 B
Hair booN  Hairpiece Yume96
Hat =Zenith=  @  The Mens Dept  Leather Trapper Hat Chocolate
Coat [Sheep Door]  Pea Coat Red
Pants [Cynful]  @  TDR FUSION Skinny Jeans Stripes Tan 
Boots  [ bubble ] Wellies Reds Dots
Umbrella  RO  @  Oh My Gacha! Pinstripes
Location  Mad City 


Some weeks ago the brand [Cynful] reopened a brand new sim and I took this pictures over there. I did some shopping as well while if visited and I am going to show you that some posts later. Not only Cynful and CnS e-motion poses from Cynthia Ultsch  but Maxi Gossamer  of MG and hair shop Pollen reopened there new shops. Brands also available at the  same location :  Blacklace; Blacklace Beauty; Lil’Lace;  ; Pilot; Belleza; EV2 Design; Action; Humanoid; Ecce Bellos. A  perfect shopping area to get a total avi make over and take some nice snapshots because of the nice sim decorations.
Like always my bloggers to do list is endless and looooooooooooong.
 (FreshFace) came out with a crispy new skin called Heather and the good news is that this brand has Slink  hand appliers as well and this girl can’t live without them anymore ( how easy we get used so certain things )  For now this is it have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  (FreshFace)  Heather  *NEW*
Hair  Exile Sugar High
Coat NYU  Peter Pan Collar Coat  Baby Blue
Boots  *GF*  Long Cuff Boots  Baby Blue
Glasses Clawtooth  Retro readers Hair Accessory
Earrings  MG  Santa Fe 


Several shopping events going to open there doors this weekend. I know some of them like The Arcade will be a challenge to get in to begin with. Organising my inventory I found three dresses  available at  the COLLABOR88. You got 7 days left to visit this event maybe you can go here to get your shopping addiction fulfilled while you wait to get in to The Arcade.
On all 3 the pictures I am wearing the new boots of  * { Severed Garden } * called Saxa Dull You can change them with a color hud so the options are endless. The skin is an  { .essences. } skin called Sash still   available  COLLABOR88 as well.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend have fun while you shop until you drop.

1st Picture
Skin  { .essences.} at    COLLABOR88  Sash  05
Hair  [ iren ] Kis me  Red
Dress **BAIASTICE** at    COLLABOR88  Claudette Dress Pearl
Shoes with Socks  .:.*{ S.G}*.:. Saxa  Dull
2cond Picture
Skin  { .essences.}   at    COLLABOR88  Sash  06
Hair  ! SugarsmacK !  Phoe/Gingersnap-Popcorn
Dress [Cynvul]  at    COLLABOR88   The Shimmy Dress Plum
3th Picture
Skin  { .essences.} at    COLLABOR88  Sash  08
Hair (fd)  Venus Windy
Dress  [Aux]  at  COLLABOR88   Studded Cocktail Navy



Just a quick post before I have to run to my rl job. Nothing much to say anyway so have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  { .essences.}  CHO Freckles  Noisette  *NEW*
Hair  *ARGRACE*  Military Cap
Bikini Top * { SeVered  GarDeN} * Sura Bikini Crazy
Shorts  [Cynful]  @  TDR FUSION Isia Jeans Short  Camo
Boots  TonkTastic   Gumboots
Poses with Gun  ::WetCat::   @  TLC Poses  Commando



Just a post not to many things to say. Had to go to work after a weekend of bubbles of champagne and lots of fun and looooong nights. But duty called and to be honest a SL shop addiction  cost money so a RL job comes in handy to pay the SL shopping bills.

Skin  Glam Affair  Linn Med Tan 04  # NEW
Hair  *ARGRACE*  Military Cap Airy Long
Coat  =*DeLa*=  Leather Jacket Bebe Midnight
Skirt  { mon tissu}   Gauzy Skirt  Graphire  # NEW
Shirt  [ Cynful ]  Baubie Hugger
Boots  Death Row Designs  Bootslazy Tigh High
Nails  [MANDALA]   Sinra
Necklace ::GB::  Medaille Series Silver
Tights  Izzie’s  Tights Torn
Bag  tulip  Indian Summer Navy
Cigarette   [NikotiN]  Cigarette Pink
Poses   *EverGlow*
Location : Virtual Decay