№ 1024 DJ INKIE ?

Walking the second life grid for more then 6 years  I saw some funny  and weird names.
Sometimes I wonder what people were thinking coming up with  theirs and sometimes what they were thinking  is not a secret at all.
Specialy the sexual orianted names  make me smile. Cumbucket ( 5 results in people search )  , Anal Queen and Bendmeover ( 26 results in people search )
Type in 12345 in people serch and you get 103 results !
Is the name inkie one of a kind ?
No way… type in inkie and you get 62 results, all names with inkie in it or just inkie like me.
There goos the vote for most original second life name.
If and when I need a bloggers break I park my avi in a second life club and enjoy the music and take a long look in to visitors profiles.
When it comes to names there are many , many , many names that begin with DJ
How many DJ’s are visiting second life ?
Type in DJ A in people search and you only get on this letter 99 hits !!
Let the beat rock and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin ESSENCES @ +Creepy/Kawaii Fair 2015+ Pepper Pale 01
Hair .ploom. @ The Fantasy Gacha Stokes Monotone *GACHA*
Corset & Skirt !gO!  @  The Fantasy Gacha Mockingjay Swan  *GACHA*
Shoes Severed Garden Ballet Strap
For Slink High Feet
Pose Bauhaus Movement Modelling II




Today I did not feeling very well.
 I felt kind of sick but not sick enough to stay home.
Trough the day I started to look more and more cross eyed because of the heavy pain in my head.
A couple of aspirin did the cure so I am fine again but my pixel Barbie is still looking crossed eyed.
This ESSENCES skin is available @ the +Creepy/Kawaii Fair 2015+ and it comes in 2 versions.
In this picture I show you Salt Pale and it comes with tears as well ( witch I did not use on this picture )
The small glasses are to cute for words and are made by Grazioso  Alekseev from  *+Crie Style+*
The nice thing is the fact I got a late Valentines gift from Grazioso as well
Another pair of small glasses with little flowers on the frame.
I will show you that pair of glasses in a later post.
Enjoy your  week in good health  and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin ESSENCES @ +Creepy/Kawaii Fair 2015+ Salt Pale 01
Hair with Scarf *ARGRACE* Tsubaki
Top SPIRIT @ COLLABOR88 Februari Charlotta Shirt Red
Pants SPIRIT @ COLLABOR88 Februari Charlotta High Pants & Suspenders
Shoes [Gos] Boutique Mae Platform Polka Dots
Glasses *+Crie Style+* Voglia Platinum
Rose in Hand and Scissors ^;^CaTwA^;^



When I was 11 and 12 years old my best friend was a “horse”girl.
Every moment of the day she went to the stable to train and take care of her favorite animal and I tagged along .. scared out of my mind.
The size of the horse made me almost pee my pants and I hated the smell.
Only once I made an attempt to sit on his back  and I slide off , left me hanging on the neck screaming bloody murder. In time my friends love for horses shifted to the love of boys so we had more common ground to hang out together.
This post is a homage to that friendship.
Enjoy your ride and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin ESSENCES Tila {medium02}
Jacket *COCO*  @  COLLABOR88 February Equestrain Jacket Burgundy
Pants & Boots *COCO*  @  COLLABOR88 February  Riding Boots Wine



“Always the bridesmaid and never the bride.”
When it comes to second life weddings I was a bridesmaid, 5 times already.
The weddings in world lag like crazy , scripting that suppose make the bride and groom walk through the aisle does not work  and voice chat is skipping when the wedding couple changing their vows. And although the romance is the same as in real life the mariages in second life don’t seem to last that long. The five weddings I was the bridesmaid ended up in a messy pixel divorce 
 Maybe it is me that brings bad luck…..
Because I am not a romantic  girl no pixel wedding bells for me but you still can call me if you need a bridesmaid to show up and  the reason is simple .. another reason to shop and play dress up.
Have a great week and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin ESSENCES Tila {medium02}
Hair ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mia *NEW*
Flowers in Hair *LODE*  @  The Chapter Four Peony Double *GACHA*
Dress GizzA  @ Love is in the Air Event Cecilia Dress Cream
Shoes GizzA  @ Love is in the Air Event L’Amour Heels Cream
Necklace  MG @ Love is in the Air Event  Little Memory Locket
Flowers and Pose [[RH]] Design Old Roses Bouquet Set *GIFT*
Decoration & Scenery
Chalkboard Trompe LoeilFaMESHed Raleigh Chalkboard
Archway with Lights Trompe LoeilFaMESHed  Raleigh Archway
Wedding Building Trompe Loeil Iona Conservatory


Regardless the real life cold , ice and snow I moved on to Spring season in second life.
If you need a touch of Spring, you are welcome to visit anytime @
Have a great week and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin ~ESSENCES~ @ OMGacha Alice *GACHA*
Hair *SOONSIKI* Haze
Top Foxes @ N.21 Boyfriend Shirt Check Red
Pants Foxes @ N.21 Skinny Jeans Ice
Shoes *YS&YS* Oxford Shoes
Decorations & Scenery
Suitcases DRD Stack of Suitcases
Blanket Storage floorplan
Handtruck Seven Emporium
Fence Botanical Wrought Iron and Brick Fence
House Apple Fall Chelsea Townhouse


This is a skin and hair post only.
I am in the midst of redecorating my sl place.
Removing all prims and I am getting rid of the snow and ice.
Inka Mexicola made this beautiful ~ESSENCES~ skin called Alice.
Available @ OMGacha in 7 randoms and 2 RARE.
The hair is from MINA Hair  called Linda available @ My Attic
Have a great week and have fun while you shop until you drop.


Finely I surrendered and did my first pictures wearing a mesh body.
I have the Slink and the Belleza body in my inventory for some time now but was dragging to get to work with them.
For this pictures I used the Slink Physique and  an Essences skin who got mesh Slink body applyers in the main shop.
I was supprised how easy the hud worked to get rid of some body parts.
Because it is Winter in second life I don’t think I am going to use it often in the weeks to come but when Spring is in the air I will be less insecure to mesh myself up again.
Happy meshing and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Mesh Body Slink Physique
Skin ESSENCES  Tila {medium02}
Hair *ARGRACE* Haku
Top [NV] Moon Sweater Stripe Purple
Skirt Bueno Buckled Skirt Purple
Boots Bens Boutique  Serena Knit Boots Purple
Necklace =Zenith=  Peony Necklace